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Chinese Export Silver Marks

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China Trade Silver
The marks used in the years of the China Trade Period (c. 1775 - 1880) on Chinese silver made for the Western market are often mistaken for the British Hallmarks they were intended to copy. Their resemblance to the pseudomarks found on American coin silver adds further confusion to the mix. Below are some illustrated examples with attributions and rough time frames. Also illustrated are a number of later marks from makers whom catered to the Western market.

The page is under construction, more information will be added as time allows. Most of the information here is derived from "Chinese Export Silver 1785 to 1885" by Forbes, Kernan & Wilkins (pub. Museum of the China Trade, 1975), some came anecdotally with "The Chait Collection of Chinese Export Silver" by John Devereux Kernan as the original source.
Where possible, a photographic example of the silversmith's work has been linked to his name.

Makers' Marks
C - K                       K - N                       O - W                       W - Z

Wang Hing & Co.

Hong Kong
late 19th/early 20th C.
Wing Nam & Co.

Hong Kong late 19th/early 20th C.

Canton c.1810 - c.1835

marks are imitative of
Eley, Fearn & Chawner
London (reg.1808)
Wing On & Co. Hong Kong 1st H. 20th C.

c.1840 - 1870

Wo Shing
c.1870s - 1910s

Yatshing Canton
1st H. 19th C.
Yok Sang
possibly Shanghai
late 19th/early 20th C.
Zee Sung

1st half 20th C.
Zee Wo


370 Honan Rd.
late 19th/early 20th C.
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