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Canadian Silver Marks

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Ambrose Kent & Sons
Toronto, Ontario ~ c. 1900 - 1946
Manufacturer and retailer of sterling silverware & holloware. Successors to Kent Bros. (founded 1867), succeeded in 1946 by Kent-Fairweather Ltd.

C. Lamond Fils
Montreal, Canada ~ c. 1928 - c. 1970
Sterling souvenir spoons, some enamel work. Acquired the dies of the defunct Caron Bros. around 1930.

Robert Larin
Montreal, Canada
active c.1968-1972
Worked in cast pewter, often plated.

John Leslie
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(b.1828-d.1895) Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, emigrated to Canada in 1841. Active in the trade 1845 - c.1895
Retailer of silverware, silverplate, jewelry and watches.

Pierre Lespérance
Cote du Palais, Quebec
(1819-1882) Silversmith, successor to Francois Sasseville, succeeded by Ambroise Lafrance

Salomon Marion
Montreal, Canada
(1782-1830) Apprenticed at age 16 to Pierre Huguet Sr., also of Montreal, received freedom in 1803.

canadian hallmarks

Peter Nordbeck
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
(1789-1861) Active c.1819 - 1861, German born and trained, settled in the British West Indies in 1814 and relocated to Halifax in 1819. Silversmith, partnered with Henry Mignowitz for the second half of the 1820's. Trained a number of notable Canadian silversmiths during his career.

amos page, silversmith

Amos Page
Amherst, New Brunswick, Canada
(1803-1895) Active c.1829 - 1892, silversmith and watchmaker, father to the partners in Page Brothers.

Page Bros.

Page Brothers
St. John, New Brunswick, Canada
active 1870 - 1876, Richard & William Clement Page at 41 Kings Street, succeeded by Page, Smalley & Ferguson

paul petersen sterling

Carl Poul Petersen
Montreal, Canada
(b.1895-d.1977) Active c1944 - 1975 - Danish born, Petersen apprenticed with Georg Jensen 1908-1913, and married Jensen's daughter, Inger, in 1922. The relocated to Montreal in 1929 where Petersen worked as master smith at Henry Birks & Son from 1932. He left that firm to create independently from 1944.

Joseph Robinson & Co.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Active c.1857 - c.1880
Retailer of silverware, silverplate, jewelry and watches. Succeeded by Robinson & Brother

Roden Bros. Ltd.
Toronto, Canada ~ 1891 - c.1958
Full line, sterling and plated ware. Acquired by Birks in the late 50's.

Adam Ross
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(b.1787-d.1843) Born in Edinburgh, Scotland and apprenticed there. Active silversmith in Canada 1813-c.1835.

George Savage
Montreal, Canada
Born in England and trained as a watchmaker. Active c.1818 - 1840. Primarily a retailer, subcontracted silversmith's work out, mainly to Bohle & Hendery. Succeeded by Savage & Son.

Savage & Son
Montreal, Canada
Active 1840 - 1850. Successors to George Savage, became Savage & Lyman in 1850.

Savage & Lyman
Montreal, Canada
Active 1850 - 1867. Successors to G. Savage & Son, became Savage, Lyman & Co. in 1868 and operated until bankrupted in 1878. Henry Birks started here and was the director until a year before the firm closed.

Gustavus Seifert
Quebec City, Canada
(b.1831-d.1907) Active from 1860's - German born, Seifert was a retailer and manufacturing jeweler, his firm was one of Quebec City's high end retail shops with an active silver department. Renamed G. Seifert & Sons by 1900, the company seems to have remained active until the 1930's.

Frederick W. Spangenberg
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Active c.1875 - 1911
Retailer of silverware, jewelry and watches. His father George (b. Germany) was listed as jeweler in the 1871 Kingston directory.

William Stennett
Kingston, Ontario
Active silversmith in Canada 1822-1847.

Toronto Silver Plate Co.
Toronto, Canada ~ 1882-c.1915
Full line of sterling and silverplated wares, only silverplate after 1915. Absorbed into Wm. A. Rogers Co. Ltd. in 1929.

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