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American Modernist Jewelers & Silversmiths VII

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American Modernist Jewelers & Silversmiths
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Philip Morton

Minneapolis, Minnesota
author of "Contemporary Jewelry; a Craftsman's Handbook" 1970

Max Nass jewelry Max Nass
(active 1950s/1970s)

New York, NY
handwrought silver jewelry, member: Artist-Craftsmen of New York, had a shop on E.27th St., it still exists and bears his name

E. Peter Peterson jewelry E. Peter Peterson (P. Nass)
(active 1950s/1960s)

New York, NY
maker of handwrought silver jewelry & painter, studied at Cooper Union, exhibited Walker Art Center in 1948

Jack Nutting jewelry Jack Nutting

San Francisco, CA
active 1950s-1980s
jeweler & sculptor, member - Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco

Harry Osaki

Pasadena, CA
active from c.1947
Handwrought holloware, flatware & jewelry

Earl Pardon

Saratoga Springs, NY
Active 1950-1991
jeweler noted for enamel decorated sterling jewelry, sculptor, designer of modernist tableware for Towle c.1960

James Parker

San Diego, California
Active from c1945

Richard Parker
Avon, CT
active 1961-present
mark is not for Mary Parker

Frank Patania Sr.

Santa Fe, NM & Tucson, AZ

Lorna Pearson sterling

Lorna Pearson jewelry
Lorna Pearson (Watson)

Alfred, NY, & Durham, NH
silversmith & jeweler, work often incorporated ebony, studied at Black Mountain College & School for American Craftsmen, teacher at University of New Hampshire

Ronald Hayes Pearson

Rochester, NY from c.1950
Deer Island, ME from c.1975
graduate of the School for American Craftsmen and member of Rochester's "Shop One", first mark is found on his earliest work in spun brass, the second mark was used on most of his silver jewelry, the Pearson studio is still actively using it

Ruth Penington jewelry Ruth Penington

Seattle, WA
jeweler, painter & printmaker, professor at University of Washington School of Art, member: Northwest Designer Craftsmen

Janice Pettee jewelry Janice Pettee

Los Angeles, CA
jeweler & ceramic sculptor, modeled figurines for Vernon Kilns, exhibited jewelry - Norton Simon Museum (Pasadena) in a one woman show (1960)

Petzal sterling Henry Petzal

Manchester, NH & La Jolla, CA
active from 1957
German emigre, self taught starting at the age of fifty, maker of handwrought holloware. Well regarded for fine craftsmanship.

Pierron sterling Robert Pierron

Chicago, IL
jeweler & sculptor, studied University of Wisconsin, exhibited Art Institute of Chicago, owner of shop "Studio 23" in Chicago until 1984

prip pearson sterling Prip - Pearson

Rochester, NY
mark used on the colloborative efforts of John Prip and Ronald Hayes Pearson (1952-1957) at Shop One in Rochester

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