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Irish Provincial Marks on Silver

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Irish Provincial Marks - Overview

Silversmith Makers' Mark Period & Location Notes
Jonathan Buck Sr.
Jonathan Buck Jr.

crowned IB+I.B
Limerick & Cork
The Bucks
John Bucknor
IB 3rd Q. 17th C.
High Street (1660s)
First noted in 1664. Sheriff of Limerick 1666. Tenant of the Earl of Orrery, to whom he supplied much silver. Probate of John Bucknor's will was taken in 1671.
Jonas Bull
IB 2nd H. 18th C.
Limerick & Waterford
Born 1727, received Freedom, 1750. After working in Limerick he moved to Waterford sometime in the 1750's. By 1797 he had married his third wife and had retired to an estate near New Ross, Co. Wexford, a successful silversmith with large property holdings.
John Hackett
IH 4th Q. 18th C.
Pennywell Road
First mention 1770. Registered at Dublin 1784.
John Hawkins
IH 2nd H. 17th C.

Received Freedom of the Company 1657. Warden of the Cork Company 1680. Freedom of Cork 1683. Still alive in 1702.
John Hillery
I.H c.1756-aft.1784
46, North Main Street
First mentioned in 1756, died 1780. The business was continued by his widow and son, it was she who registered with Dublin in 1784.
John Hillery
John Humphreys

I pellet H
John Hillery
(see above entry)

John Humphreys
Humphrey’s Lane, N. Main St.

John Irish I star I
North Liberties
John Irish, son of John Irish, Gentleman, of Poulancurry, Cork. Apprenticed to William Williamson of Dublin in 1741. See alternate marks; "IRH" and "JRH". Another mark, presumably an early one, not illustrated; "I·I below a crown".
Joseph Johns
I.I lion rampant
I.I in heart
mid 18th C.
Main Street, Englishtown
opposite Fanning's Castle (1769)
Freeman of Limerick 1731, Treasurer of Freemason's Lodge No.9 1731. He was Sheriff 1755, Burgess 1756, Chamberlain 1769, Mayor 1773 (all of Limerick). Married Ann Hincks on the 29th August 1737 at St. Munchin's. Noted as a subscriber to Ferrar's 1767 edition of 'An History of Limerick', the publisher of which married his daughter Mary one year later. Deceased September 1775.
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