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Russian Silver Marks Overview
Russian Assay Masters' Marks 1795-1898
note: There are many different systems for the transliteration of Cyrillic alphabet into Roman letters. The standard used on this page is the
BGN/PCGN romanization system for Russian.
Assay Masters
А - К
Assay Masters
Л - Я
Assay Masters

I B Jan Biedgunowski Warsaw/Варшава
I S Josef Sosnkowski
(alt.: Osip / Ios Sosokovsky / Sosnovsky)
Осип/Iос, Сосоковский

Sosnkowski used numerous marks during his long career. The years indicated above are for this mark alone.
WK Walery Kostrebski Warsaw/Варшава
* Indicates other possible dates; various source materials are in disagreement on the time of activity. About the year 1872, hundreds of thousands of documents in Russian governmental archives were intentionally destroyed to save space. The demise of these records left a scarcity of original source documentation upon which modern researchers could base their findings. Parenthetical date endings, such as 1804(06), indicate that different sources disagree as to the date. In practice, most dates should be presumed tentative.

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