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Norwegian Silver Maker's Marks IV

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Hallmarks have been used in Norway since the sixteenth century. The system included, at various times and in various combinations; city marks, assayer's marks, date letters, date numbers, and maker's marks. The farther a piece was made from the main population centers of Oslo (Christiana), Bergen and Trondheim, the more likely there were to be mark inconsistencies. For centuries, the bureaucracy in control of silver marking seesawed between the Crown and the Silver Guilds, but in 1891, a simplified national system was established that is still in use today.

The current system requires only a silver standard mark accompanied by a maker's mark. The old Norwegian standard of .830 purity silver is still used, but beginning around 1920, .925 purity began replacing it and is now the foremost standard in use. Town names are sometimes included with the required marks and the letters "NM" (Norsk Mønster) are sometimes seen on flatware, this abbreviation is an indication of design patent or copyright.
Below are illustrations of marks used by many of the latter 19th and 20th century silver producers of Norway.

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Firm or Maker Maker's Mark Location Comments
H. C. Østrem A/S Ostrem

Drammen .
Finn Øyen & Co. Øyen & co Oslo .
Hroar Prydz HroarPrydz Oslo .
Knut Andreas Rasmussen oslo silversmiths Oslo .
Saethers Gull- og Solvvarefabrikk AS Sæthers Gull- og Sølvvarefabrikk AS

Oslo .
Albert Scharning sharning oslo

scharning jewelry
Oslo There is also a script version of this mark.
Jørgen Schultz Notodden b.1882-d.1973
Sylvsmidja Solje Folk Jewelry

Solje Jewelry
Voss 1940 - Present
N. M. Thune thune



Thune Sølvvarefabrikk
Oslo 1857 - present
major manufacturer
J. Tostrup Tostrup



Oslo 1832 - present
major manufacturer
Tone Vigeland vigeland plus Fredrikstad
(Plus Workshop)
see link

Magnus Samuel Wessmann wessman, moss

magnus wessmann
Moss active 1856-1892
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