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Town Marks of France ~ Before 1789 II

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Valois Arms
French Town & City Marks
before 1789

Hallmarking in France began as early as the mid-thirteenth century. Initially only with a town or 'maison commune' mark. The individual maker's mark began its appearance in 14th century Paris and spread to the outlying areas. In 1460, a royal edict called for the use of the variable date letter with crowned top. The 'countermark', the first official type of standard guarantee mark used by French assay masters, was decreed in 1543. In 1672 appeared the 'charge' and 'discharge' marks, both essentially duty marks, but the first also functioned as a further standard guarantee.
Various combinations of the above marks were used at various times and in different areas. Below are illustrated most of the town marks of France listed with the city having jurisdiction over them.
Bourbon Arms

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Town Mark Community Year Commenced Jurisdiction
Beziers Town Hallmark Béziers 1598 Montpellier
Blois Town Hallmark Blois 1567 Orléans
Bordeaux Town Hallmark Bordeaux 12?? Bordeaux
Boulogne Town Hallmark Boulogne sur Mer
and Montreuil
1744 Amiens
Bourg en Bresse Town Hallmark Bourg en Bresse 1747 Dijon
Bourges Town Hallmark Bourges 1557 Bourges
Brest Town Hallmark Brest, Lesneven
and Lenderneau
1695 Rennes
Caen Town Hallmark Caen 1594 Caen
Cahors Town Hallmark Cahors 1777 Toulouse
Calais Town Hallmark Calais 1748 Amiens
Cambrai Town Hallmark Cambrai 1315 Lille
Carcassonne Town Hallmark Carcassonne, Castelnaudary
and Limoux
1676 Perpignan
Castres Town Hallmark Castres 1749 Perpignan
Chalons sur Marne Town Hallmark Chalons sur Marne 1749 Reims
Chalons sur Saone Town Hallmark Chalons sur Saone 1682 Dijon
Chartres Town Hallmark Chartres 15?? Paris
Chateau Gonthier Town Hallmark Chateau Gonthier 1757 Angers
Chateau Thierry  Town Hallmark Chateau Thierry - Reims
Chatellerault Town Hallmark Chatellerault 1758 Poitiers
Chatillon sur Seine Town Hallmark Chatillon sur Seine 15?? Dijon
Chaumont Town Hallmark Chaumont en Bassigny 1744 Troyes
 Town Hallmark Clermont-Ferrand 15?? Riom
 Town Hallmark Cognac 1762 La Rochelle
Colmar Town Hallmark Colmar - Strasbourg
Compiegne Town Hallmark Compiègne 1667 Paris
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