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Austrian Hallmarks ~ Republic of Austria

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Hallmarking in Austria ~ After 1921

Following World War I, the monarchy was abolished and the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved. Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia became independent nations, Galicia was divided between Soviet Russia and Poland and the South Tyrol became a part of Italy. Most of Austria-Hungary's German speaking regions coalesced into the Republic of Austria with Vienna as its capitol. The new republic legislated a new hallmarking system in 1922.
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Republic of Austria ~ from 1922





Decreed in 1922, the head of the hoopoe bird and the toucan were compulsory by 1925. The number and shape indicate the silver standard, the letter indicates the city of assay (see letter code chart below).

Import Marks

Wing Import Mark
.800 silver

Imported silverware was marked on entry into Austria. As with the bird's heads, both the shape around the wing and number to its left changed with the silver standard.
1=.935, 2=.900, 3=.835, 4=.800

Hallmarking Convention
In November of 1972, Austria became a founding Member of the Convention on the Control and Marking of Articles of Precious Metals (the Hallmarking Convention), these marks were put into use as of 1975.
Silver standards used - .999, .925, .830, .800

Republic of Austria Assay City Letters
GGraz   IInnsbruck   KKlagenfurt   LLinz   SSalzburg   WVienna
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