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British Colonial Silver Marks ~ India

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British India Flag
Indian Colonial Silver Marks
In 1615, the British East India Company first gained a foothold in India, by the end of the 18th century they either ruled or held sway over the majority of lands on the Indian subcontinent. At this point, the British community; administrators, military men, traders and their employees, had swelled to the extent that it became lucrative for British born silversmiths to set up shop in the major cities of the colony. Some failed, others thrived to the point where they remained in business decades after India achieved its independence from the British Raj in 1947.
British India Star
Makers' Marks
C - H                                                                     L - W

Firm Maker's Mark Location & Period Comments
Lattey Brothers & Co.

10 Government Place

R. J. Lattey, A. P. Lattey, D. Lattey and Joseph Hayes
succeeded by Allan & Hayes
John Mair
Jeweler, silversmith & medalist. In 1793, Mair cut the dies and struck approx. 7,000 gold & silver medals awarded by the East India Company to British troops for service in the Mysore Campaign.
Oomersee Mawjee & Sons

Bhuj, Kutch
Peter Nicholas Orr

Mount Road
A partner in George Gordon & Co. from 1843-1848
Set up own shop c.1851
1854 became P. Orr & Co.
Succeeded by P. Orr & Sons, the firm continued the use of the "Orr" mark.
P. Orr & Sons

Mount Road

Mark used 1860-c.1900
Pittar & Co.

9 Old Court House St.

Parke Pittar I, Isaac Pittar and (probably) Robert Hamilton.
Succeeded by Charles, Nephew & Co.
Hippolitus Poignand

1793 - Mr. Charles' Europe Shop
1794 - 13 Bankshall St.
1798 - 4 Tank Square
1800 - 51 Theatre St.
1805 - 191 Lall Bazar

Twentyman & Co.

3 Tank Square
3 Hare Street
William Henry Twentyman & George Havell Homser
Warner Brothers Delhi
William Augustus


Lall Bazar
(died 1839)
Woolaston entered the retail china & glass trade in 1825, he may or may not have continued with silver.
Much of the above information is derived from "The Makers of Indian Colonial Silver" by Wynyard Wilkinson (pub. 1987)
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