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American Silver Marks ~ Initial G

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Alphabetical Listing by Maker's Name
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American Marks Using Initials

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F. S. Gilbert

George Greenleaf

A. T. Gunner & Co.

Albert J. Gannon


Gorham Gorham

George Dowig

George Haverstick

George Hendell

G. H. French & Co.

Goodnow & Jenks

Ray Graves

G. R. Downing

George Sharp

George L. Vose Mfg. Co.

Gale & Willis

Grosjean & Woodward

Graff, Washbourne & Dunn

Gale, Wood & Hughes

George W. Shiebler & Co.

BGO Gerrit Onkelbag

Frederick J. R. Gyllenberg

George E. Homer
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