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This is the beginning of a new project, viewers are invited to contribute flatware pattern images to help expand its scope. If you'd like to contribute an image or images, please send them to:

sterling & coin silver pattern images are sought from the following manufacturers:
Allan Adler, Alvin, Amston, Albert Coles, Baker-Manchester, Porter Blanchard, Blackinton, Richard Dimes, Dominick & Haff, Duhme, Durgin, Erickson, Fessenden, Fine Arts, Gorham, Hallmark, International, Georg Jensen, Kirk, Knowles, Lunt, Manchester, Mauser, Mount Vernon, National Silver Co., Newburyport, Oneida, Paye & Baker, John Polhemus, Reed & Barton, Saart Bros., Schofield, Joseph Seymour, George Shiebler, Frank Smith, Stieff, Arthur Stone, Tiffany, Towle, Wallace, Watson, Wendall, John Wendt, Whiting Mfg. Co., Frank M. Whiting, Wiedlich, Wood & Hughes and others.

Special thanks to the following online dealers for contributing multiple pattern images:
Bradford House Antiques (trocadero), goodoletom (ebay), lapoveredge (ebay), &

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