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Richmond & Flint
Richmond & Flint
Nashville, Tennessee
Active 1816-1823, Barton Richmond (b.1790-d.c.1870) & Tarrant Putnam Flint (b.c.1793-d.1822), jewelers, watchmakers & silver retailers.

Max Rieg, MR, hand made
Max Rieg
Williamsburg, Virginia
(b.1899-d.1985) Bauhaus trained German emigre, active from c.1928. Modern design jewelry and holloware in silver, pewter & brass, as well as historic reproductions for Colonial Williamsburg after 1937. Mark illustrated is from a pewter example.

Benjamin McKenny Riggs
Paris, Kentucky
(b.1799-d.1839) Active c.1825-1839, working silversmith.

George W. Riggs
Baltimore, Maryland
(b.1777-d.1864) Active c.1800-c.1848, first ten years in Georgetown, MD, afterwards in Baltimore. In partnership Riggs & Griffith with his brother-in-law, Henry Griffith (1816-1818).

Richard Riggs
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(d.1819) Active c.1810-1819, working silversmith.



New York, NY
active from mid-1940s
Sculptor & studio jeweler, favored lost wax casting.

Elijah Major Ringo
Fayetteville, Tennessee
(b.1799-d.1857) Active 1824-1850, silversmith & watchmaker.

R&S Ritter & Sullivan
Baltimore, Maryland
Active 1900-1915, Gottlieb Ritter & Wyndham A. Sullivan

bird, arm, R

R, wing

CMR, arm, bird
Charles M. Robbins
Attleboro, MA
1892-present, sterling and enamel jewelry, souvenir spoons, badges, etc.

Samuel Roberts
Fredericksburg, Virginia
(b.c.1794-d.1859) Active c.1833-c.1850, silversmith & jeweler.

S.D.Rockwell, New York

Samuel D. Rockwell
New York & Yonkers, NY
(b.1810-d.1888) Active c.1834-1855, silversmith, jeweler, and watchmaker, the last ten years spent in Yonkers.

R, Sterling

R, Lion
Roden Bros. Ltd.
Toronto, Canada ~ 1891 - c.1958
Full line, sterling and plated ware. Acquired by Birks in the late 50's.

WR, sheaf of wheat William Roe
Kingston, NY
Active c.1795 - 1805, In partnership of Roe & Stollenwerck c.1805


RW conjoined
Roger Williams Silver Co.
Providence, RI ~ c.1900 - 1913
Successor to the Howard Sterling Silver Co., merged with Mauser and Hayes & McFarland to become the Mt. Vernon Co. which became a division of Gorham in 1913.

Rogers & Cole
Rogers & Cole
New Britain, CT
Active c.1830 - 1832, Asa Rogers Jr. & John A. Cole. Precursor to Asa Rogers Jr. & Co.

R&W, Boston Rogers & Wendt
Boston, MA
Active c.1850 - 1859 Augustus Rogers & John Wendt. Precursor to Wendt & Co. of NY

D.Rogers Daniel Rogers
Ipswich, MA
(b.1753 - d.1792)

Crown, F.B.Rogers, 1883 F. B. Rogers Silver Co.
Taunton, Massachusetts ~ 1883 - Present
Mostly plated ware, some sterling.
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