Read before posting *Important & How to embedded images

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Read before posting *Important & How to embedded images

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  • Our focus is on the hallmarks and maker's marks found on antique and vintage silver. Please read on and agree to honor the following guidelines before posting in the forum. Time for forum maintenance is very limited, so if your post is not constructed with an eye to the guidelines it will simply be deleted. No one here has the time to write and explain why or respond to questions of why, just read what is below and post accordingly (or not at all).
The Do's
  • 1. Include a minimum of 2 (two) photos with your questions, 1 picture of the Marks + 1 picture of the Entire Object that is marked. Images should be no larger than 7 inches or 18cm. in width.
    Posts lacking an image of the entire item must be posted within in the separate SINGLE IMAGE categories or they will be deleted.
    there are no categories for questions without photos, do not post any
    Instructions on posting photos are included in the "TUTORIALS" section below.
    2. The forum is meant to be a last resort, not your first stop. BEFORE posting your question, look through the WEBSITE, the info you are seeking may already be published. If it isn't, you'll at least have a better idea of which forum to post in.
    3. Before posting your question, SEARCH the forum. Your question may have already been discussed and answered.
    4. Try to choose the most relevant category and give a detailed description. In this venue, there is nothing more important than the details of what is being discussed.
    Only 1 item per post, no multiples!
    If you are not absolutely sure it is solid silver, post it in Silverplate Forum. Silverplate questions will be deleted (not moved) from all other forums.
    5. When titling your post, mention what the item is. A long list of "Hallmark ID?" is just confusing. We need to differentiate between posts.
    6. Be polite and patient. All of the members of this forum are participating on their own time and no one is obligated to ask or answer a question. If someone is helpful, please show your appreciation.
    7. When replying to a message, use the "Post A Reply" button so your message will stay in the "thread". A thread is a set of messages all on the same topic.
    8. Stay on topic. Replies should be answers to the original question. If you have a discussion topic that was generated from reading a thread, just start a new thread.
    9. The forum is a community, it will work if people are willing to share information. Give some time to creating your posts and photos, we'll give some time to researching and answering them.
The Don'ts
  • 1. Do not ask any questions, or give an answer, related to the value of an item, this is not an appraisal site. Find similar items on eBay or hire an appraiser.
    Any reference to value in a post is grounds for immediate deletion without notice!
    2. Do not choose your business name or eBay seller name as your forum user name, this will get you banned. Do not promote merchandise, services, websites, or businesses here, however indirectly. This forum is not a medium for business or user advertising.
    if you are an online merchant or eBay seller click here
    3. No linking to auctions or posting photos from another's auction.
    No linking to items for sale at websites. No linking to commercial websites.

    If you have a commercial website and want to post a question, host your image elsewhere.
    No use of eBay, auctiva, inkfrog, or vendio photos whatsoever!
    4. No "I bought this on eBay and want to know if the seller was lying") type of posts. That is not the purpose of this forum.
    5. Do not post a question in more than one forum. It is confusing and wastes everyone's time.
    If you have more than one item to ask about, create separate topics for each one, do not combine in one post.
    6. Do not post without working images of item and marks, use the preview button to make sure. Any post without viewable images will be deleted.
    7. Don't be a bandwidth pig, your image should be cropped down to what is important and resized to reasonable dimensions (18 centimeter or 7 inch width maximum).
    8. Writing in ALL CAPS is yelling, and considered very rude.
    9. No nastiness, abusive language or inflammatory statements. A little arrogance can be tolerated (but we may have a laugh behind your back).

    10. Do not write to moderators or admin with your silver questions. Do not post your email address and ask for an email reply or offer to send photos by email! Questions and responses should be posted on the forum for all to benefit.

    Moderators have the right to delete a post in violation of any of these rules. They may also edit, move or close those posts that they deem as harmful to a forum. Moderators may, if necessary, ban users from posting to the discussion forum entirely.

For extra information how to embedded images see:
CLICK HERE for the Guide to BBcode
CLICK HERE if you are considering posting in the "Single Image" categories

A note on Spam

Spam can result when users reveal their email addresses. When registering, it is best to click NO on the "show my email address". Don't include your email address in a post, it is likely to be harvested by a spam-bot. Although it is necessary to submit an email address for registration, will not reveal your email address to anyone.

A note on photo duration

The whole purpose of a forum is for the sharing of information, the answers you get are not just intended for you, but for everyone who is interested enough to view your postings. Over the course of its life, a posting will have hundreds of readers - BUT, it will just be wasted space without the photos to illustrate what the text refers to.
All of us here are happy to contribute our time and energy to do research on the questions. We would all greatly appreciate it if you could contribute by leaving your photos up and viewable for as long as is possible.

A note on Copyrights

Please be sure that the images you display here are not copyrighted by another party. You must be fully aware that by displaying your material on the forum, you are in effect releasing us from any legal ramifications that may arise from the public display of the images in question and giving permission for the use of the image anywhere on the site. We reserve the right to not accept, drop, remove or disqualify your contribution without any further explanation.

Legal Notice

Use of the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks Forums constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions of the Forum Guidelines. The Forums are provided to you free of charge, "as is". We cannot be responsible for the results of any errors, defects or misinformation that may be found on these Forums or any other consequential damages that may result from such errors, defects or misinformation.

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