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Engine Turned - Machine engraving used to create a regular, often geometrical, pattern. Developed in the 19th century.
(submitted by - Patrick)
Engraving - The technique of cutting lines in metal with burins or graver's tools as a decorative means. Monograms, armorial crests and many other decorations are accomplished by this method.
A variety of effects can be achieved by using different graving tools. see; Bright Cut
Epergne - an ornate centerpiece consisting of a frame supporting dishes, vases, and/or candleholders in tiers around a central focal point (either a larger container or ornamental motif).
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Etui - Small cylindrical or conical container with hinged lid, used for holding needles or other small implements. Often found as part of a chatelaine.
(submitted by - Trev)
Ewer - A wide spouted jug with a single handle.
(submitted by - Trev)
Ferrule - The metal collar that joins a handle to a shaft, often found between a cane and its handle, also on parasol handles, pipes, carving knives, ect. Often used to describe applied metal collars with a hinge that joins a ceramic, ivory, bone or hard stone container and its lid.
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Festoon - ornament in the form of a chain or ribbon appearing to be attached at two or more points and with a slight sag between those points.
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Fibula - An ancient form of brooch or clasp used to hold a cloak on the right shoulder.
(submitted by - Trev)
Filigree - The delicate technique of curling, twisting or plaiting fine pliable cables of silver or gold, and soldering them at their points of contact to create an openwork design. Filigree work is often used for appliques on objects and as a base for enameling, either backed or openwork (plique a jour). The technique has been in popular since ancient times.
Fineness - The proportion of a precious metal in an alloy. Fine gold or fine silver means 100% or as near as possible pure.
(submitted by - Trev)
Finial - Decorative or utilitarian knob found at the top of an item or cover. Also called a knop.
Flagon - a large metal or ceramic beverage-serving container, with a handle, a spout and (usually) a lid.
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Flatware - The silver of dining; knives, forks, spoons and the associated serving pieces used at table.
Florentine Finish - An engraved finish applied with an engravers line graver that cuts two to twelve lines with each pass. The piece is engraved in one direction of parallel passes, the item is turned thirty-three to forty-five degrees and cross-engraved.
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Fluting - Type of decoration using parrallel or radiating grooves and ridges.
Floreated - Decorated with floral ornament.
(submitted by - Trev)
Foliated - Decorated with the leafy ornament.
(submitted by - Trev)
Forging - Technique for shaping metal through hammering it against an anvil or stakes.
Freedom Box - Presentation piece, a silver box made to contain a document confering the Freedom of a town or city to a notable person.
(submitted by - Trev)
Gadroon - An ornamental band of angled lobes or fluting, usually used as a border.
Gallery - Perforated setting surrounding the borders of trays, coasters etc
(submitted by - Trev)
Georgian - Made during the reigns of the first four kings of England called George (1714-1830).
(submitted by - Miles)
German Silver - Obsolete tradename of an alloy containing no silver (not to be confused with Silver From Germany). see; Alpacca
Gilding - A thin surface coating of gold. Originally accomplished by the technique of fire gilding, a toxic method involving mercury, gilding on silver is now done through the process of electroplating. see; Parcel Gilding
Graver - A pointed, edged steel tool for engraving silver.
(submitted by - Trev)
Greek Key - A Classical ornamental design in the form of a meander pattern of alternating and interlocking right angles.
Grimwade's - "London Goldsmiths; 1697-1837", a veritable bible for collectors of London silver, first published in 1976. It was compiled by Arthur G. Grimwade F.S.A. and contains details of some 4,000 makers' marks and information on the lives of London silversmiths from 1697-1837. Mr. Grimwade has the undying gratitude of many students of silver.
(submitted by - Trev)
Haft - Knife or fork handle.
(submitted by - Trev) .
Hallmark - An official marking made by a trusted party, usually an assay office or guild hall, on items made of precious metals (platinum, gold and silver) that guarantees a certain purity of the metal. This should not be confused with other markings, such as a sterling stamp, which is done voluntarily by the manufacturer. A hallmark is only applied after the item has been assayed by an outside auditor to determine its purity. Often the hallmark is made up of several elements including: the type of metal, the maker and the year of the marking. The term does not apply to American silver marks nor should ever be used in the context of silverplate.
Hammered Finish - An uneven textured finish accomplished by the use of flat or round headed hammers.
Hatching - Engraving term for a series of lines applied closely together.
(submitted by - Trev)
Hilt - The handle of a sword.
(submitted by - Trev)
Holcion - An ancient form of drinking cup similar to a cantharus, but without the handles.
(submitted by - Trev)
Holloware - Term indicating a vessel, usually associated with food and beverage wares.
Huguenot - Protestant refugees forced out of Catholic France, they had the protection of the Edict of Nantes passed in 1598, but this was revoked by Louis XIV in 1685. They fled to Britain, Russia, Holland and other countries. With them they brought wonderful skills, especially those of the silversmith, much to the annoyance of the English smiths, who did everything in their power to prevent them setting up business in their own right, but were more than happy to employ what they refered to as "Strangers". Fortunately, this resistance was overcome and England acquired some of the greatest silversmiths ever known, such as David Tanqueray, Peter Harache, Simon Pantin, Pierre Platel, David Willaume and Paul De Lamerie; America also benefitted with smiths including Charles LeRoux, Apollos Rivoire and thus his famous son Paul Revere. Illustrated are the marks of London's Pierre Platel & New York's Elias Pelletreau, a second generation Huguenot.
(submitted by - Trev)
Impaling - Heraldic term for the joining of two coats of arms usually by marriage.
(submitted by - Trev)
Incuse Mark - Mark in which the symbol or letters are stamped into the surface. Different from intaglio marks in which the symbols or letters appear raised in a sunken cartouche.
(submitted by - Patrick)
Ingot - A solid block of more or less pure metal, often but not necessarily bricklike in shape and trapezoidal in cross-section. The raw material of metalsmithing.
(submitted by - Myriam)
Intaglio Mark - Marks made in a cameo style to create an image or letters in relief. The symbols or letters appear to be raised above the surface.
(submitted by - Patrick)
Japanesque - in the Japanese style. Often used to refer to Japanese inspired designs used during the Aesthetics Movement period of the mid-to-late 19th century.
(submitted by - JLDoggett)
Journeyman - A silversmith who has fully completed his apprenticeship, but who still works in the employ of his or another master.
Journeyman's mark - see; Tally mark
Kilt Pin - A decorative & functional pin attached to the lower right corner of a kilt apron. Many shapes, common forms are thistle, sword and dagger. Often set with stones: amethyst, citrine, bloodstone, jet, etc.
(submitted by - Robin Lous)
Knop - Rounded knob used as a handle or an ornament sometimes taking the shape of pineapples, pine cones etc.
(submitted by - Trev)

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