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Maricela ~ Work Examples

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Ysidro García Piña is better known to collectors of Mexican silver jewelry by his shop name "Maricela". The workshop, founded in 1943, was named for his daughter and Mr. Garcia signed his work thusly. His jewelry has a recurring theme of variations on the spiral and is rendered in overlay or repousse with cincel decoration and a restrained use of amethyst cabochons. The shop was in operation until 1986.
Maricela Sterling & Amethyst Brooch

Maricela Sterling Pin

Maricela Sterling Brooch, Repousse

(Ysidro Garcia)

(active 1943-1986)
maker's mark usually with
Taxco's Eagle 3

Maricela Pierced Sterling Bracelet

Maricela Sterling & Amethyst Pin, Overlay  

Maricela Sterling & Amethyst Pin, Overlay & Cincel

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