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How To Add An Image

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If you have a silver item and want to identify the marks on it, 2 images must be included in your post, 1 of the marks and 1 of the item that is marked.

To do this, use the BBCode buttons at the top of the post submission page. To display the image, use the BBCode [img] [/img] tags at the beginning and end of the image address.

Example 1:


This coding would show this image:

Example 2:

To add two separate images, you'll need to code each image address separately, like this:


This coding will show these 2 images:

Please do not post images wider than 8 inches, they take too long to load and do not fit in the message system screens.
Note - USE THE PREVIEW BUTTON, if your image is bigger than the message box, it is too big, remove the [img] & [/img] from the beginning and end and it will just appear as a link - this is preferable to an oversize image!
If your image is either too large or does not appear, do not press the submit button!

When creating your images, please use a widely supported image file format (JPEG is best).
if your filename does not end in ".jpg" or ".bmp", it will not work on the forum, also if the filename contains a blank space, "?" or "@" symbol, it will not work on the forum.

You'll have to store your image on an accessible web server or picture hosting site, it is not possible to link to pictures stored on your own computer.
There is no facility for storing your images here at 925-1000.com

However, there are web services that provide free web photo storage space.
I suggest: Imgur

Links to others can be found at: free photo hosting

Use the Preview button before posting. It enables you to see your posting as it would appear to readers on the forum. If you are not seeing your image correctly on the preview, then something is wrong in your image link and you need to fix it. DO NOT SUBMIT!

Please pay attention to copyright issues. Do not link to images on or from other websites. Use your own photographs, scans or drawings.

How to upload an image at tinypic.com for use on the silver forum.

When on their page, click the "browse" button.
It will bring up a popup menu of your computer files.
Click on the image file located in your computer that you would like to be seen on the forum.
Then click "open" in the popup menu.
The popup menu will then disappear.
Click on the "upload" button (located below the "browse" buttons).
After a short time, a new page will appear with a small version of your photo on it.
Go to the second box next to the image, it is labeled "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"
Highlight and copy the contents of the box.
Paste that into your message box at the forum.
That's it! Note - if your image is bigger than the message box, it is too big, post it as a text link - this is preferable to an oversize image!

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