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London Directory ~ Silversmiths 1740

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Goldsmiths (& Silversmiths), Jewelers, Watchmakers & Pewterers listed in Kent's Directory for the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Borough of Southwark - 1740

name trade location
Baker, Francis Jeweller Poultry
Barker, John Goldsmith Lombard-street
Barrett, Joseph Goldsmith Cheapside
Boult, Michael Goldsmith Cheapside
Brathwaite, George Goldsmith Lombard-street
Briscoe, Stafford Goldsmith Cheapside
Brown, Henton Watchmaker & Goldsmith Borough
Clarke, George Watchmaker Leadenhall-street
Cleeve, Anne & Bouchier Pewterers Cornhill
Delander, Nathaniel Watchmaker Fleet-street, near Temple-bar
Dingley, Robert Jeweller & Goldsmith Bishopsgate-street, corner Great St. Helens
Dyer, Joseph Jeweller Addle-street
Ellicott, John Watchmaker Swithin's-ally, Royal Exchange
Ellis, Samuel Pewterer Basinghall-street
Fly, Timothy Pewterer Whitechapel
Gilchrist, Archibald Goldsmith Lombard-street
Ironside & Belchier Goldsmiths Lombard-street
Jernegan, Henry Goldsmith Great Russel-street, Covent Garden
King, Richard Pewterer Gracechurch-street, near the Church
Kipling, William Watchmaker Broad-street, near Ratcliff Cross
Lafosse, William Jeweller Old Broad-street
Lee, George Goldsmith Lombard-street
Masse, James Jeweller Throgmorton-street
Neville & Craig Goldsmiths Hay Market
Owen, William Goldsmith Cheapside
Parr, Thomas Goldsmith Cheapside
Perchard, Hollis Pewterer Cannon-street
Robinson, Philip Goldsmith Fleet-street
Simpson & Ward Goldsmiths Fleet-street
Smith, Samuel Pewterer Snow-hill
Torin, James-Lewis Jeweller Throgmorton-street
Treble, John Jeweller Litchfield-street, Soho
Wallis, Peter Goldsmith Fleet-street
Webb, Charles Jeweller Cheapside
Whitway, Samuel Goldsmith Cheapside
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