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Robert Ulin
(1903 - 1978)

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Chased Sterling Sugar & Creamer
Robert Ulin
1903 - 1978
Boston, Massachusetts

Robert Ulin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 22, 1903. He graduated from Harvard College in 1924 and from Harvard Medical School in 1928 and was an orthopedic surgeon by profession. He married the former Dorothy Lewenberg in 1937, and they had two children. In the early 1930's he joined a silversmithing class being organized by the silversmith Edwin Leinonen, son of Karl Leinonen, also a well-known Boston silversmith. He continued to attend Mr. Leinonen's weekly classes on a regular basis until his death in 1978.

Handwrought Box with cast finial

Modernist Leaf Dish
Although silversmithing was always an avocation, Dr. Ulin took great pride in his work. He was quite prolific and produced many pieces of high quality, from baby spoons to finely chased coffee services. In his later years he assisted Mr. Leinonen in teaching the class and also informally took on a few students of his own, working in a well-equipped workshop in his home.

Robert Ulin
Robert Ulin Maker's Mark
Following in the tradition, Robert's son, Kenneth Ulin took up his father's tools in 1990 and has been silversmithing since. He continues the use the "Ulin" mark.

Information & photos contributed by Kenneth Ulin

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