Danish tureen from 1919

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Danish tureen from 1919

Postby Irmgard » Tue May 27, 2008 7:33 am

Sorry, but I'm technically not able to get a picture from the hole large silver pot. It has also two other recognizable marks on the bottom: The Copenhagen 3 towers with Date '19 and the assay master's mark of Carl Heise: So no doubt: its made 1919 in Denmark. But who is the mysterious maker? For me it seems to be a 'P' or 'D', a hammer possibly a 'T' and then a 'A'. Could someone help?[/img]

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Postby Bahner » Tue May 27, 2008 8:04 am

Hello, I believe what we see here is a hammer with the letters D and A. See here in this thread


under "Dansk Arbejde". Best wishes, Bahner

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Postby Hose_dk » Tue May 27, 2008 2:39 pm

this is the Dansk Arbejde - and I think that I will publish my private message to you.

Thank you for the kind words. But I am not a specialist I only know a little bit. Heise is not the maker - never the maker - only guardein. He was not a silversmith but a farmaceut - employed by the state and silversmiths from all over Denmark had their silver controlled by him ==> he became very rich.

19 reprecent 1919 yes. I dont know the maker. A possibility is that it is a half fabricate imported to Denmark and then made finish by an anonymos silversmith. I have a similar bowl with lion heads - 3 towers and CFH. Mine is proberly imported.

Dansk arbejde was an independent and private organisation. Their goal was to promote danish work in Denmark and in other countries. There is no secret in this - every silversmith could be permited to use the mark provided taht it was Danish work. That is why I think that it might be an anonymos thing.

The 2 companies mentioned by you - it is not from their work. They would always set their own mark - due to the fact that their mark ment better (higher) prices. Much higher.

Post a picture and let us see the bowl.
best regards

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