Why Photos are NECESSARY

PHOTOS REQUIRED - marks + item
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Why Photos are NECESSARY

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Dear Forum Members,

It is very, very difficult to identify silver marks and hallmarks based solely on verbal descriptions. There are only 26 letters in the alphabet and thousands upon thousands of silver marks using these few letters. The same applies to symbols as there are thousands of marks with lions, crowns, heads, birds and the like. With a verbal description, we don't know where to begin looking, with a photo we do.

When posting a question, include an image of the marks AND the item.

If your are only posting an image of the mark, post it in the appropriate PHOTO SHY category.

No one really wants to participate in a topic without seeing what it is they are talking about. Make your post interesting with images and as much background information as possible. Don't be stingy with the details, they will help everyone to want to answer your questions. The forum is about "give & take" and you will get back what you give.

If your mark images are not very clear, you must include a detailed verbal description of all of the marks and of the piece itself as well as anything else that may be of help to the people who are volunteering their time to help you.

Please read Posting Requirements
and How to Add Images

Before posting, do your own research at Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks & Maker's Marks

Thank You, Admin
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