MIDDLECOTT, Edward (Grimwade p.596, 597)

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MIDDLECOTT, Edward (Grimwade p.596, 597)

Postby MCB » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:56 am

Born c1778.
1841 UK Census for St Mary, Newington, Lambeth of independant means.
Died 1846.
London Deaths & Burials Index for St Mary, Newington register dated 30th March 1846.

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Re: MIDDLECOTT, Edward (Grimwade p.596, 597)

Postby dognose » Thu Apr 26, 2018 3:12 am

The below newspaper report may refer:

Mr James E. Murdoch, the well-known actor, who has just died at Cincinnati in his eighty-third year, was the first American citizen who was elected a member of the Garrick Club. Thackeray proposed him. He married, in 1842, Miss Eliza Middlecott, the daughter of a London silversmith.

Source: Pontypool Free Press - 9th June 1893

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Re: MIDDLECOTT, Edward (Grimwade p.596, 597)

Postby OldSchool » Sat Sep 25, 2021 7:31 pm

Having recently acquired a spoon marked for Edward Middlecott, I have been doing some research into his family.

I've been unable to confirm that the Edward Middlecott registered as living in St. Mary Newington in 1841, and dying there in 1846, is the same Edward Middlecott, Silversmith, since the Newington 'Edward' is cited as being married to a 'Sarah' Middlecott, and the silversmith's wife's name was Eliza.

Edward Middlecott married Eliza Butt on 28 Feb 1802 in the church of St Paul, Covent Garden. They had three children; Eliza Mary (born 5th July 1809), Edward Kittoe (born 1811, died July 1813) and Edward (born September 1813). Eliza went on to marry the famous American actor, James Edward Murdoch, and they had two children, Fanny and Ida.

It is possible that Edward Middlecott's first wife, Eliza, died, and he re-married, but so far I've been unable to uncover a register for Eliza's death, or a marriage to Sarah. However, I do believe that it is one and the same person, given the date of birth and location.

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Re: MIDDLECOTT, Edward (Grimwade p.596, 597)

Postby OldSchool » Sun Sep 26, 2021 6:49 pm

Just a small correction. Edward's daughter Eliza Mary, who married the American actor, had three children. As well as the two girls, Ida and Fanny, they also had a son, James, born in 1837.

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