That elusive 'BM' mark...

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That elusive 'BM' mark...

Postby dragonflywink » Wed Aug 07, 2019 4:57 pm

Believe it's been pretty well identified as Greek, but an answer to a post in a general forum on a non-silver item bearing this mark brought an immediate response of "sold in the Benaki Museum shop in Athens, Greece". Dug up four posts here on the mark, found all four items in question in the museum's 2013 catalog, and two on their current site. Am still wondering about the '1000' marks...


This piece, Heart Shaped Silver Tray, 1837, #AA0026, is shown in both places, and noted as 'Sterling silver' on their current site, unlike some other pieces, this one has only one number and price in their 2013 catalog, the prices considerably highter on those with an 'A' prefix, noting, "Prices of the silver replicas vary according to their weight":


This piece, Inscribed Silver Bowl, 1763, #AA0067 and #AA0067A in the 2013 catalog, is also shown in both places, shown in the current catalog as #AA0067 and described as "Silver on copper":


This piece was found only in the 2013 catalog, Tray with the Twelve Apostles, 17th c., #AA0010 and #AA0010A:


This piece was also foound only in the 2013 catalog, Oil Lamp, Egypt 2nd-3rd c. AD, #AA0323:



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Re: That elusive 'BM' mark...

Postby Bahner » Thu Aug 08, 2019 1:02 am

Hi Cheryl, great sleuthing, thanks !! Bahner

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Re: That elusive 'BM' mark...

Postby Traintime » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:45 pm

Gran Slam in the ninth inning!! If that .1000 doesn't relate to pure silver in plating, it sure covers your batting average.

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Re: That elusive 'BM' mark...

Postby dognose » Thu Aug 08, 2019 2:55 pm

Hi Cheryl,

Great work!


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