Jewellery Sektches 1700-2000

Antique & vintage paperwork relating to the silver trade
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Jewellery Sektches 1700-2000

Postby Stefans » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:29 pm


sorry but me English is very bad, I am German collector of jewellery sketches

I have been collecting the sketches of Goldsmiths (about 40000 pieces) From time to time, they are from 1700-2000 and 90% are original drawings / sketches in ink, pencil or watercolor paints (up to about 1850) and 10% stitches (1850 to 1700)

The designs are from eg.

Alfred Daubree, Cartier, Bucheron, C.Ohresser, E.Fontenay (the original drawings for the book on antique and modern jewelery from Fontenay in 1887), A.Bottazzi, Chaumet, Weitmann, Cheva, Valcher, Dürr, Baumhauer , M.Riester, Viebig,'Pievert, W.Ibbitt, Weiersberg, R.Kern, R. Conte, R.Schlotterbeck, M & E Goldbaum, Frankle, Jacobi, Harnisch, Schäfer, Scheel, F. L'Entre, E.Heidolph , Raymond Templier, Germain Stiches 1748, Bachruch Budapest, Briasson 1771 Stitches, Deprés,

and much more.

You are welcome to visit my page, to share it and make it known

Best regards

Stefan Stern

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Re: Jewellery Sektches 1700-2000

Postby dognose » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi Stefan,

Welcome to the Forum.

Thank you for sharing this with us. It is indeed a wonderful resource.


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