OTTON, Thomas Moriah (Grimwade p.610)

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OTTON, Thomas Moriah (Grimwade p.610)

Postby MCB » Wed Oct 16, 2013 5:19 am

He was born in Jewin Street in 1793. He was not christened until 25th April 1814 at Christ Church, Foster Lane, the son of Thomas, a goldsmith of Jewin Street and his wife Elizabeth.
He married Maria Bickerton at St George, Bloomsbury on 17th July 1814; they were both from that parish.
They had five children christened at various churches in the Foster Lane area between 1816 and 1830.
Their address was Jewin Street in 1816-17, Kirby Street in 1822 and Clerkenwell Green in 1830. His occupation was variously recorded as goldsmith or silversmith.
He had entered his only mark at Goldsmiths’ Hall as a plate worker from Clerkenwell Green in 1823.

Extract from the report of a trial of James Hands aged 15 years at the Old Bailey on 15th April 1830 on a charge of theft of a handkerchief to the value one shilling: charged with pick-pocketing:

Thomas Moriah Otton
I lost my handkerchief at Smithfield Bars on the 15th of March; I was not aware of it till the officer told me of it- I then missed it; I had not seen the prisoner.

John Tree
I was in Smithfield on Monday morning, the 15th of March; I saw the prisoner and two other boys following this gentleman- I got as close as I could, and saw the prisoner draw the handkerchief from this gentleman’s pocket, and pass it to another boy, who got away; I took the prisoner, and got him through the crowd- I told the prosecutor of it.

Prisoner’s defence
I was going through Smithfield, and this gentleman accused me of robbing a person of his handkerchief; I knew nothing of it.


Transportation for 14 years.

Thomas Moriah Otton’s burial aged 38 years, late of St John’s Square, was registered at St James, Clerkenwell in 1832.

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Re: OTTON, Thomas Moriah (Grimwade p.610)

Postby buckler » Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:17 am

His wife Maria was the daughter of Thomas Worsley BICKERTON, to whom Otton had been apprenticed in 1808 , and was thus the grandaughter of Benjamin BICKERTON.
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