WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

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WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

Postby MCB » Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:41 pm

A Gabriel Wirgman was baptised in Sweden in 1738.
Married Mary Upjohn at St Pancras parish church on 26th May 1768. Bridegroom was from St Dunstan in the West parish.
1769-72 Trade Directory entries for Upjohn, James & Wirgman watchmakers at Red Lion Street, Clerkenwell.
6th December 1769 trial at the Old Bailey involving theft of Upjohn and Wirgman’s stock at Red Lion Street(for details see the other forum topic for Gabriel Wirgman).
14th June 1771 paid Apprentice Indenture Duty for William Beazley as an engraver at Red Lion Street.
1771-4 christening records for his children at St James, Clerkenwell.
1772-4 Trade Directory entries as a jeweller and goldworker at Red Lion Street.
1775-9 Trade Directory entries for Morriset & Wirgman jewellers and goldworkers at Denmark Street, Soho.
1779-91 Trade Directory entries as a jeweller and goldworker at Denmark Street.
1780-6 christening records for his children at St Pancras Old Church.
17th December 1794 burial record for wife Mary at St John the Baptist, Clerkenwell. Aged 48 years; last address St Martin in the Fields
A so far unsubstantiated web source suggests Gabriel Wirgman died in Bath, Somerset on 21st September 1791.

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Re: WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

Postby MCB » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:50 am

The Will of Gabriel Wirgman, late of St Giles, was proved for probate on 23rd September 1791 (National Archives reference PROB 11/1206/162). The address in the probate extract does not necessarily equate to the place of death, rather the testator's address at the time the Will was made.

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Re: WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

Postby silverly » Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:29 am

24 May 1768 Gabriel Wirgman's occupation on his marriage bond allegation was engraver and enamelar.

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Re: WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

Postby buckler » Sat Mar 22, 2014 6:42 pm

2 July 1796
London Gazette reports the bankrupty of
Gabriel Wirgman and Julien [sic] Colebert, late of Denmark Street , Goldsmiths and Jewellers.
Gabriel Wirgman's will left his estate to his wife Mary (life interest ) and instructed " That my eldest son Gabriel Wirgmam shall be my successor in the business and his brother George Wirgman his copartner with him when of age " He was resident at Devizes at the time the will was made. There were three executors, two being I believe lawyers and the third his widow Mary.
Thanks to Pat for the above

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Re: WIRGMAN, Gabriel (Grimwade p.708, 362)

Postby dognose » Thu Jun 17, 2021 12:07 pm

A reference to Thomas Wirgman, who was part of the same family:

Philosophical Madmen are in a somewhat similar position to that of theological madmen : they are mostly vain persons who have lost their way in matters too deep for them ; and by reason of their vanity, and of the nature of the subject of their pursuits, are as difficult to deal with as those who speculate on religious mysteries. A deplorable instance of this class is afforded by Thomas Wirgman, who, after making a large fortune as a goldsmith and silversmith, in St. James's-street, London, squandered it all as a regenerating philosopher. He had paper made specially for his books, the same sheet consisting of several different colors ; and as he changed the work many times while it was printing, the cost was enormous ; one book of 400 pages cost 2,276l. He published a grammar of the five senses, which was a sort of system of metaphysics for the use of children, and maintained that when it was universally adopted in schools, peace and harmony would be restored to the earth, and virtue would everywhere replace crime. He complained much that people would not listen to him and that, although he had devoted nearly half a century to the propagation of his ideas, he had asked in vain to be appointed Professor in some University or College — so little does the world appreciate those who labor unto death in its service. Nevertheless, exclaimed Wirgman, after another useless application, "while life remans I will not cease to communicate this blessing to the rising world."

Source: Mysteries of Life, Death, and Futurity - Horace Welby - 1863

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