EATON, Thomas (not in Grimwade)

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EATON, Thomas (not in Grimwade)

Postby buckler » Mon May 09, 2011 12:08 pm

This gentleman may have had marks in the lost smallworkers register, but is not in Grimwade.

13 October 1734
Thomas Eaton baptised at Scaldwell, Northamptonshire
Brother of John Eaton and nephew of Samuel Eaton, both bucklemakers.

6 October 1749
Goldsmiths Company Apprenticeship Book 7, page 129 records :-
Thomas Eaton ,son of John Eaton of Maidford in the County of Northampton, Husbandman was apprenticed to Marmaduke Daintrey, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. Daintrey entered a mark as a smallworker in 1737, and later marks as a largeworker, the last being 1747. Daintrey , or another of the same name , is recorded as a spoonmaker in the PR1773.

5 July 1753.
Thomas Eaton turned over to Richard Hawkins

late 1765
Goldsmiths Apprentice Book 8, page 67 records :-
William Harris, son of Timothy Harris of Cock Lane, St Sepulcher , Painter, apprenticed to Thomas Eaton of Wood Street, Spoonmaker, Citizen and Goldsmith, to learn his art as Spoonmaker.

Thomas Eaton was listed as a spoonmaker by Heal at Wood Steet in 1765.

The Land Tax Assessments show Thomas Eaton in St Michael, Wood Street until 1767/68 when the name becomes Widow Eaton. No record of the burial of her husband at St Michaels. A Thomas Eaton was buried in St James , Paddington on 10th September 1766 but he is described as "of this Parish" i.e St James. He almost certainly died in late 1766 - see below.

19 December 1766
Goldsmiths Hall Court Book 16, page 397
Petition of Sarah Eaton , widow of Thomas Eaton to be an Almswoman was granted by the Goldsmiths .

Like John Eaton, his brother, he obviously died poor.

His widow was probably the Sarah Eaton buried in St Michael Wood Street 7th July 1768, as the house is shown as empty in the LTA of 1769/70.

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Re: EATON, Thomas (not in Grimwade)

Postby buckler » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:16 pm

There are spoons with a unregistered mark of TE/ GS in the period to 1769.

Although usually attrubuted to a known partnership between Thomas Evans and George Smith III these could relate to a partnership between Thomas Eaton andGeorge Smith II . Thomas Eaton was a cousin of George Smith's wife and his Wood Street address adjoins Huggin Lane the address of George's old master, Samuel Eaton and George' s address subsequently.

As Thomas was two or three years dead before the 1769 spoons were assayed, it seems unlikely unless either George stlll used the old marks, or spoon collectors have misread the date letters. Does anyone have firm evidence of a post 1766 mark of TE/ GS ?

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