WHITFORD, Cattern (Grimwade p.388)

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WHITFORD, Cattern (Grimwade p.388)

Postby buckler » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:49 pm

7 th April 1774 - Catherine Whitford entered (as Cattern Whitford ) a mark as bucklemaker at Sugar Loaf Court , Salisbury Court, Fleet Street. (E2/p15Ab) She was probably the widow or daughter of William Whitford (0), a silver bucklemaker with a mark or marks in one of the lost registers.
Fined for substandard silver buckles in the mid 1760’s, William was listed as a bucklemaker at Salisbury Court in the Parliamentary Report 1773, and annoted "dead" by George Fair on the Goldsmiths Hall copy of the report so he probably died in late 1773 or 1774.
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Re: WHITFORD, Cattern (Grimwade p.388)

Postby silverly » Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:05 pm

24 January 1786 Catherine Whitford Widow of Sugar Loaf Court Salisbury Court Fleet Street London will proved at London. There is a bequest in her will to a sister named Hannah Hodges Spinster. A mark was used to sign her will. Reference London Metropolitan Archives and Guildhall Library Manuscripts Section, Clerkenwell, London, England; Reference Number: MS 9172/176; Will Number: 6

Family records indicate that she was Catherine Hodges the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Hodges and that she was born in Wedmore, Somerset in 1700 and was the wife of William Whitford.

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