HOUGHAM, Solomon (Grimwade 552)

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HOUGHAM, Solomon (Grimwade 552)

Postby buckler » Wed Feb 16, 2011 5:10 pm

The older brother of Charles Hougham, Solomon Hougham was born around 1746

For a very comprehensive account of the Hougham family see http://www.royroyes.net/
from which the following information was taken.
His father was Solomon Hougham, born 1704 Bromley, London - Referred to as the Younger - an Excise Officer.
Mother was Lydia Hunt, born 1706. Solomon and Lydia were married 18th Dec 1739 at St Dionis Backchurch, Fenchurch Street

This site also indicates that the Hougham family came from Sandwich in Kent and were landowners at the end of the 17th century including the "manor or lordship of Barton ". There is at least one error on this site but it is a mine of information and documentation on the Hougham, Dix and Royes families

Solomon Hougham’s details are at http://hougham.royroyes.net/getperson.p ... ee=hougham
which includes a full transcript of his will (under Notes) and a photo of the Hougham memorial monument at St Botolph's without, Aldersgate showing the family coat of arms.

Solomon was in partnership with his younger brother from at least 1785 as Charles’ will dated 4th March 1785 states "whereas I [Charles] am now engaged in Partnership with my Brother Solomon Hougham in Business on account of which a great amount of my property is now remaining in Trade”

Apprentices taken by him were
William Bennet (1784)
William Ward (1786)
Robert Jones (1787)
Thomas Franklin (1788)
Soloman Royce (nephew) (1789)
Henry Hougham (1789)
James Ede (1794)
John East Dix (1795)

In 1792 he was a signatory to the London Bucklemakers Petition to the Prince of Wales and one of the deputation of six who presented a petition to the King himself .

On 19th February 1800 the Proceedings of the Old Bailey ref t18000219-9 reports:-
SOLOMON HOUGHAM sworn. - I live in Aldersgate-street , I am a very large manufacturer of gold and silver plate : I have lately lost a considerable quantity of spoons out of the manufactory.. .. the spoons that are produced; I know them to be my property, they are in an unfinished state, never having been completely manufactured; they have the initials of my name at the back, and likewise the workman's mark, two dots, underneath.

His mark of 13th September 1817 was in partnership with two of his ex-apprentices, Solomon Royce, a nephew, and John East Dix.

Died 17th August 1818 at the age of 72

The will of Solomon Hougham, Merchant of Aldersgate Street London, Middlesex was proved at PCC on 27th August 1818.
It includes a legacy of £500 to William Ward, one of his journeymen and an ex-apprentice. Also "to each of my journeymen of seven years standing and upwards who at the time of my decease shall work in my factory in Aldersgate Street Five guineas and to each of those under seven years standing Two guineas "
A full transcript is on the royroyes site (under Notes)

19 September 1818
Solomon Royce, and John East Dix entered a separate mark as partners

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Re: HOUGHAM, Solomon (Grimwade 552)

Postby MCB » Fri Dec 16, 2011 6:52 am

From a note dated Tuesday 13th June 1786 held in the London Freedom of the City Admission Papers 1681-1925:
"Upon reading the humble petition of Solomon Hougham and the report of James Sanderson and Brook Watson Esquires Aldermen and Sheriffs of this City; it appearing that the petitioner is the son of Solomon Hougham Citizen and Currier of London and was born after his fathers admission into the freedom of this City and hath thereby the right to the same in the Company of Curriers but being a goldsmith by trade is desirous of being admitted in the Company of Goldsmiths, he therefore prayed to be admitted by redemption on a small fine; it is ordered that the said Solomon Hougham be admitted into the freedom of this City by redemption in the Company of Goldsmiths paying unto Mr Chamberlain for this City’s use the sum of forty six shillings and eight pence".
A footnote adds:
"But if this order is not executed in three months it is void".

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Re: HOUGHAM, Solomon (Grimwade 552)

Postby dognose » Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:36 pm

Recorded as 'S. HOUGHAM & Co.' Working Goldsmiths of 138, Aldersgate Street, St. Martin's le Grand.

Source: Johnstone's London Commercial Guide - Corrected to 31st August 1817 - Andrew Johnstone - 1818

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