EATON, Samuel (Grimwade p.499)

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EATON, Samuel (Grimwade p.499)

Postby buckler » Wed Feb 09, 2011 5:47 pm

Son of George Eaton the Elder, of Scaldwell in the county of Northampton, husbandman.
He and John Eaton were uncle and nephew, - see John Eaton viewtopic.php?f=74&t=23278
for details of the family and the transfer of apprentices from John to Samuel .

5th April 1759. The mark of Thomas Pigott of Portsmouth was entered at Goldsmiths Hall , London by Samuel. Eaton , presumably as agent .

16th December 1761. The will of Thomas Cooke (II) of Foster Lane, Goldsmith was proved at PCC which left to Samuel Eaton, in a list of friends which included some goldsmiths including Walter Brind and Sandyland Drinkwater , one gold ring to the value of one guinea.

22nd July 1766. Appointed executor by William Taylor in his will which was witnessed by George Smith II . William Taylor , a bucklemaker also in Huggin Lane died within a month and Samuel Eaton proved his will at PCC on 2nd December 1766 as executor.

17th September 1767. Last recorded mark of Samuel Eaton
Grimwades account of Samuel Eaton's marks is slightly incorrect, the last mark given by Grimwade as 16th March 1768 is actually his mark of 16 March 1763, the mark being clearly in between the entries for 1762 and 1765

Died in late October 1767
London Evening Post of 31st October 1767 reported
"Yesterday morning [Friday 30th October 1767] Mr Samuel Eaton an eminent Buckle-maker in Huggin Alley, Gutter Lane, was found dead in his bed. He was abroad on the Sunday [25th October] and in good health." Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser November 4th November 1767 reports "Monday morning died suddenly Mr Samuel Eaton, an eminent Buckle-maker in Huggin Alley, Wood street "
Huggin Alley (or Lane as it was later termed), ran east from Gutter Lane to Wood Street. It no longer exists, being buried, with St Michael’s Church , under an office block. The western end was opposite the current Assay Office door in Gutter Lane.

The Burial Register of St Michael Wood Street records Samuel Eaton as being buried in the Middle Aisle on 8th November 1767.

The will of Samuel Eaton of Saint Michael, Wood Street , City of London, dated 9th October 1765 was proved at PCC on 12th November 1767. His executors were Mr Thomas Whipham (probably the silversmith) and "cozen (cousin ?) W (illiam) Magg"

There is a legacy "to George Smith, my late apprentice, if he marries my niece Hannah Wood, of all my working Tools pattons (patterns probably ) and fixtures and the lease of my House .. …. ".

George Smith is recorded as marrying Miss Hannah Wood, with a Peter Eaton as one of the witnesses, on 12th October 1767 at St Michael ,Wood Street , a month before probate .
There is a very strong possibility that the marriage was actually later, and for inheritance reasons the church register entry was backdated. Under investigation by Clive at present, but an early conviction is unlikely.

George Smith entered a mark at Huggin Alley, Wood Street on 21st November 1767 only a few days after probate. Hannah Wood was the daughter of Robert Wood of Arthingworth in Northampton who had married Martha Eaton, another child of George Eaton the Elder. Again see viewtopic.php?f=74&t=23278

He gave the residue of his property to his brothers and sisters, annoyingly failing to name them.

The apprentice is George Smith II of Huggin Lane

The entry in Grimwade for George Smith II actual conflates at least two silversmiths of the same name. (GS 1.5 and GS2 ) The first seven lines of Grimwade refer to one, or perhaps two men, the remainder to the apprentice of Samuel Eaton

(1 ) In the Goldsmith Hall register the marks at Huggin Alley are not directly underneath the Red Cross Street entry even though there is ample room to do so, and they are started as a new entry on separate page.
(2) Grimwade attributes George Smith's apprenticeship as being to William Aldridge in 1750, and freedom 1758. However Goldsmiths Hall records show another George Smith apprenticed to John Eaton ,who was turned over in 1753 to Samuel Eaton
(3) The Red Cross Street entry was made prior to 7th August 1758, well preceding the freedom date of 14th January 1761 recorded by Goldsmiths Hall for the Huggin Alley/Lane George Smith.

I have never seen the oval mark (G896) of GS1.5
Has anyone ?

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Re: EATON, Samuel (Grimwade p.499)

Postby silverly » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:16 pm

15 December 1737 Samuel Eaton London Leatherseller paid apprentice indenture duty for Thomas son of Thomas Child of the Parish of Saint Austin's London.

2 May 1745 Charles Davies having been apprenticed to Gawen Nash London Goldsmith was the same day turned over to Samuel Eaton London Leatherseller for the whole term.

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