GRAY, George (Grimwade p.528)

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GRAY, George (Grimwade p.528)

Postby dognose » Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:28 am

GRAY, George (804-5, 3583)

We often come across spoons struck with the maker's mark of George Gray (Grimwade 804-5) overstriking that of another. This mark upon mark is frequently found on products of the Bateman workshops where presumably George Gray, or more correctly J. & G. Gray, was the retailer of these items, most usually cream jugs and spoons.

A clue to the identity of another silversmith that may often have been overstruck by George Gray, is that of John Israel (Grimwade 1822).

Bankruptcy procedings were instigated against George Gray and he was made bankrupt on the 7th November 1815. John Helbert Israel and his partner Israel Israel applied for payment of goods supplied to J. & G. Gray the previous May.

A Petition for Joint Creditors to prove under a separate Commission.

In Chancery.

In the matter of George Gray, a bankrupt.

To the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain.

The humble petition of John Helbert Israel, and Israel Israel, of Saint Mary Axe, in the city of London, merchants, joint creditors of the said George Gray, and John Gray, his late partner, on behalf of himself and all other the joint creditors of the said George and John Gray.


That previous to the 25th day of May last, the said George Gray and John Gray carried on business in.
partnership as hardwaremen and silversmiths, and became indebted to your petitioners and other persons in respect of such copartnership.

That there is a joint property of the said George and John Gray.

That on or about the 7th day of November, a commission of bankrupt was issued against the said George Gray, under which he was declared bankrupt.

That your petitioners are informed, and believe, that the said John Gray is insolvent, or that he is gone abroad, and resides out of the jurisdiction of
the laws of England.

Your petitioner therefore most humbly prays your Lordship, that your petitioner and all other joint creditors of the said George and John Gray, may be at liberty to prove their debts under the commission against the said John Gray, and that distinct accounts be kept of the joint and separate estates. And that the costs of this application be paid out of
the joint estates; and that your Lordship will be pleased to make such further order as to your Lordship shall seem meet. And your petitioners, &c.
John Helbert Israel,
for partner and self.

Witness, C. Martin,
Vintners Hall

Practical Instructions for Suing Out and Prosecuting a Commission of Bankruptcy: With the Best Modern Precedents, and a Digest of Supplemental Cases
By Edward Christian
Published by Printed for W. Clarke and Sons, 1816


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Re: GRAY, George (Grimwade p.528)

Postby dognose » Mon Feb 07, 2011 5:06 am

Following the bankruptcy of George Gray on the 7th November 1815, his remaining stock was auctioned off by order of the assignees on the 25th Janurary 1816, as can be seen from the below advertisement:


Source: Morning Chronicle - 25th January 1816


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Re: GRAY, George (Grimwade p.528)

Postby silverly » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:10 am

1765 September - 1766 AprIl George son of Cornelius Gray goldsmith admitted into the freedom of the city by patrimony. This does not fit as well as the George Gray that Grimwade cites but it may explain the earlier years that Heal records for a George Gray goldsmith.

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