Help French maker and other little hallmark (monogram?)

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Help French maker and other little hallmark (monogram?)

Postby zieziela » Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:35 pm

Hello, I have a beautifull little plate with on the backsite the hallmark Minerve 1 and the maker which I don't know.
on the same place as te minerve but on the front is it looks like a little monogram???
it is of the hallmark minerve is put at the same time with a double sort of mark, minerve on the one side and the litle monogram? on the other side.
Can anyone help with this please?
The plate has a diametre from 12cm.
many thankgs, here are some pictures:

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«Little (curious) monogram»

Postby silverport » Mon Nov 09, 2009 6:33 pm


if you use in «925-1000» the option «Search the Silver Forums» and put there the word bigorne you would find some informations.

First aid for yours question: viewtopic.php?t=18015&highlight=bigorne

Maker's mark I couldn't tell you - I haven't a register. It must be a companionship; because above the animal is a & followed by G. First letter of companionship is missing - but for members who have register it's easy, because this mark's combination of symbol and companionship exist maybe not so often.

Kind regards silverport

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