The Onieda Enigma

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The Onieda Enigma

Postby Traintime » Wed May 01, 2019 7:15 pm

It seems as though up through the 1920's there is a wealth of historical information in industrial journals, but then suddenly the Black Hole of Secrecy descends. Oneida was making flatwares in Kenwood. By c.1926, they opened the England-based factory Kenwood Silver Company, Sheffield. At some point, the Kenwood Silver Company, Inc. of Sherrill New York just seems to pop-up as a subsidiary having no corporate officers (????). What's more, it comes to control the Thor Stainless U.S.A. branded flatware, which also seems to have no documented history. Sherrill is noted as the last location of Oneida domestic production before the factory was closed. But Kenwood Silver seems to be a retailing operation of 30+ stores, not a factory making silverwares. Can anybody shed light on the true history of Kenwood Silver Co., Inc. of Sherrill?

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