Julius Hougaard

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Julius Hougaard

Postby Rion007 » Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:56 pm

I am researching a Danish Master Metal Smith by the name of Julius Hougaard, some of the information I have to date includes the following eg:-

1840 Øster Kvarter Place name: Sankt Annæ Plads, 60, Mellembygning
Title no /address: Stuen Household-/ family no: 267 Source entry no: C4387 Record no: 1343

Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation:
Jørgen Baltscher Dalhoff 40 Gift Hof Guldsmedemester
Wilhelmine Hanuschke 33 Gift hans Kone -wife
Anna Sophie Dalhoff 8 Ugift Deres Barn — your/their child
Jørgen Wilhelm Dalhoff 6 Ugift Deres Barn
Johan Peder Dalhoff 4 Ugift Deres Barn
Olivia Augusta Dalhoff 2 Ugift Deres Barn
Helene Louise Dalhoff 2 Ugift Deres Barn
Justine Hanuschke 40 Ugift Slægtning — relative (wifes brother)
Ane Sophie Andersen 24 Ugift Tjenestepige - Maid
Julius Hougaard 20 Ugift Guldsmedesvend
Carl Christensen 17 Ugift Guldsmedlærling

I believe the relationship continued with Jorgen Dalhoff after he moved to his new address in Adelgade however given the economic circumstances around 1848 where Jorgen writes that he unfortunately had to let a lot of his workers go and I next find Julius listed as thus eg:-

Samtlige personer i husstanden
kbhv, København (Staden), Frimand Kvarter, Frimands Kvarter, , Skindergade
41, 2den sal, 252, FT-1850
Der vises flg. felter:
Navn, Alder, Civilstand, Stilling i husstanden, Erhverv , Fødested
Julius Hougaard, 30, Gift, cisselaur, elev af kunstacademiet. Lærer i det
Tigup institut og institutet for metalarbeidere, Frederiksberg
Christiane Galle, 31, Gift, hans kone, Stubbekiøbing
Waldemar Oscar, 5, Ugift, , deres børn, Kjøbenhavn
Ingomar Oluf Emilius, 2, Ugift, , deres børn, Kjøbenhavn
Wilhelm Valentin Reggendorf, 20, Ugift, , lærling, Wordingborg
Andreas Wilhelm Wolge, 19, Ugift, , lærling, Malmö
Ane Mathilde Andresen, 18, Ugift, , tjenestepige.

Is there anyway of establishing
a) what marks Julius used in his business at 41 Skindergade
b) clarifying who he did his apprenticeship under eg Jorgen Dalhoff
c) who he would have studied under at the Kunstacademiet (I believe he was there around 1844)
d) identifying or attributing anything he made for the Guld's or exhibitions around that time.
e) Any ideas on what the Tigup Institut was is?

Note Andreas Wilhelm Wolge did complete his apprenticeship and a family member carries on the tradition in having a Jewelery business in Denmark to this day however has no further records on Julius.

Yours sincerely

Ian Hogarth

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