Question of wrong description in auction

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Question of wrong description in auction

Postby cww1960 » Mon Oct 25, 2021 12:13 am




I have a question regarding this item which sold in a local auction.

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The description was

Icon: Wood, polychromed, silver with extensive engraving "Christ Pantorcrator" 26.5x22cm, assay mark AA Moscow Kokoschnik hallmark 1891 maker "EK" possibly Erik Kollin, 2 minor splits to silver on outer edge
Obviously not a piece made by Kollin

It has two different Assay marks which tends to point towards a made up piece.

My question is not about the authenticity of the icon, but should I have pointed out to the auctioneer the wrong description ie; Possibly Erik Kollin and the discrepancy of the assay marks?

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Re: Question of wrong description in auction

Postby Qrt.S » Mon Oct 25, 2021 11:12 am

The mark EK is not Erik Kollin in St Petersburg (1868-1901). Kollin mostly worked with gold and his mark (EK) had an oval shield. In addition, he worked exclusively with Fabergé. It is not even sure that the mark is EK, maybe EH? Moreover, Kollin worked mostly with gold. This riza is silver. Never seen, heard or even read that Kollin should have made rizas. I believe that EK or EH is an unknown master in Moscow. There are still many unknown master in Russia.

The discrepancy between the assayers' marks could be explain by the fact that the base and the nimbus are separate parts, they often are. Are they? Cannot see it from the photo.

Nevertheless, assayer AA is Anatolij Artsibashev , active in Moscow 1888-1898 and AP is Aleksandr Romanov also active in Moscow 1883-1894. Note in Moscow, Kollin worked in St Petersburg.

However, icons are often faked or newly made. Is this a fake or not I cannot say from pictures only.

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