IL / WL seen on tongs and a buckle, both of c 1760

1700 - 1830

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IL / WL seen on tongs and a buckle, both of c 1760

Postby buckler » Wed Dec 07, 2016 12:51 pm


This mark has been seen on a cast pieced pair of tongs, and on a stock buckle. both with the post 1755 Lion Passant Guardant of London

Speculatively I suggest that it may be a lost smallworkers register mark of John and William Lutwyche .

I'm afraid the evidence in support of is a bit scant .

On 4 April 1764 the Freedom the Broderers Company by patrimony of a William Lutwyche is recorded . William is described as "son of John Lutwyche , late Citizen and Broderer of London, deceasedof , Goldsmith in Lombard Street "
A partnership between father and son would invariable show the father's name, as senior partner. We know nothing of John, but William Lutwyche is recorded as being involved in at least two thefts of silver buckles from his shop.

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Re: IL / WL seen on tongs and a buckle, both of c 1760

Postby silverly » Wed Dec 07, 2016 2:02 pm

1 July 1730 John son of James Lutwych of Saint Giles Cripple Gate Higler apprenticed to John Welch Broiderer.
18 June 1734 John Lutwych with the consent of Elizabeth Welch Widow of the Master and Execurtix turned over to Edward Wooder Cordwainer of the same trade.
16 July 1737 John Lutwych made free.

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