R S - on clasp of around 1730 - perhaps Robert Swanson

1700 - 1830

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R S - on clasp of around 1730 - perhaps Robert Swanson

Postby buckler » Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:02 pm

Found on a stock clasp with a London Lion Passant Guardant of the 1720 —1740 form.

The makers mark is very clear but I cannot be trace it in Grimwade or at any provincial office.
However Robert Swanson, who registered an unpelletted mark (2432) as smallworker around 1730 and another mark as a largeworker in 1743 had, according to Jackson (page 196) an indentical looking pelleted mark used in 1743/44 on spoons although there is no record of a pelleted mark in the London Registers. Either Jackson has misidentified the mark or there may be an unregistered mark of Robert Swanson.

Another possibility is that the mark has been altered from a PS to an RS by a widow but as there are no known PS’s . Unless Paul Seguier, who entered an incuse mark in the late 1720's had an unregistered punch. Occan's razor !

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