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S P on buckles - probably Sarey Price

Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:15 pm
by buckler
These two marks, both from stock buckles with the 1756 —1784 London Lion pose a dilemma for inclusion to this site . They so closely resemble those given by Grimwade for Sarey Price — Nos 2614 and 2620, that it is debatable whether Grimwades images, or the impressions in the Goldsmith’s Hall Register , are inaccurate or if these really a third and fourth punch.


Left image
No 2614 in Grimwade shows a simple pellet, rather than the undoubted cross pellet in the above. The bottom of the loop of the P is also curved in Grimwade and straight in the above. There are other minor differences but in the whole they are very similar even to the P being larger.

Right image
No 2620 in Grimwade has no pellet, just visible in the above mark , and the crossing of the S goes SW to NE in Grimwade , but in the above WSW to E until the downstroke.

I personally think that there are four marks, and that the silversmith only registered one of each. I will try to examine the actual registers eventually.

Little appears to be known about Sarey Price except the address of Blue Anchor Row , Bunhill Row and the registration of two marks in June 1761 and June 1763. It is possible that Sarey is a ladies name (Sarah, Sally ?) and she was a widow or daughter of an unknown Price in the Lost Register. This explains the illiteracy of the signature, as wives and daughters of silversmiths were not expected to be educated at this period.
The will of Francis Price, Cordwainer of Saint Sepulchre , Middlesex 18 June 1761 may relate although Bunhill Row is about two or so miles from the parish of St Sepulche. Perhaps Sarey was a friend of Hester Bateman !