Help Identify These Stamp Marks Please?

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Help Identify These Stamp Marks Please?

Postby SPJ » Sat May 25, 2013 8:09 pm


I am trying to date a silver tea strainer that I have had lying around the house for several years. It has a total of EIGHT stamp marks. One group consisting of 5 marks looks like what I have seen on the websites I have been searching for clues, and the other 3 stamps look like nothing I have seen in the many galleries I have browsed. Can you please correct my translation of the 5 stamp marks as given below and help me find the origins of the remaining 3 baffling stamp marks.


I have translated the 5 marks as follows, but please correct me if I am wrong…

In an oblong with rounded corners,
no dot in between the letters.
Berthold Muller (reg London 1897)

Sterling Silver .925

Shield containing 1 Sword amidst 3 Towers/Pillars

Chester Capital Q (Times New Roman font) dates are 1716, 1812, 1834, 1899

Letter F added to indicate FOREIGN import.

So I think we can safely say this tea strainer was imported by Berthold Muller & assailed in Chester approx 1897-99...

...but what about the other 3 stamp marks?


What is the circle stamp with the V and the 3 hearts (with flames/diamond)? / or are they 3 leaves ?


What do the 2 leaves mean?


What letter is in the shield stamp D, N or R ?


What city was this item imported from?
When was it actually made?
Who made it or pressed it?

Grateful for all assistance,

Stephen - London


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Re: Help Identify These Stamp Marks Please?

Postby user701 » Sun May 26, 2013 2:19 am

Yes, you are correct that the strainer is imported by Berthold Muller and is assayed at Chester, date letter Q for 1899

The makers mark is for B. Neresheimer & Söhne (the other three marks you show), a Hanau silversmith.

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