OGH in oval, 925S Denmark

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OGH in oval, 925S Denmark

Postby Sebastian » Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:45 am

There have been several reports of a mark of OGH in an oval on 925S silver pieces which are also marked STERLING DENMARK.
Problem is that OGH is not registered as a Danish maker's mark. But Olaf Gunnar Hjertzell did register this mark in Stockholm Sweden in the 1930's.
Another possibility mentioned in a topic from 2005 was that it was in fact DGH for Danske Guldsmede Handvaerk.


The mark on this silver-mounted glass vase is, in my opinion, clearly OGH and not DGH. The vase does not have a Swedish import mark.


Does someone have an explanation why this vase is marked for Olaf Gunnar Hjertzell and also DENMARK?

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