Need help to distinguish what country this is from.

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland
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Need help to distinguish what country this is from.

Postby teccone » Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:38 am

Sorry for sounding so inexperienced, but I am. Can someone please tell me what country these stamps are from and what this little spoon was used for?? Thanks in advance.
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Swedish spoon for salts?

Postby silverport » Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:07 am


Welcome to the forum with your question.

I’m inexperienced in Swedish marks and I haven’t any guide for Scandinavian marks.

I’ve looked here:

If I interpret correct, than is in your example missing the »3 crown« state symbol for Sweden.

From left to right:
Fineness mark in letters »STERLING« = 925/1.000
Maybe town mark for King’s capital = Stockholm
Fineness mark = 925/1.000
Date mark »E10« = 1979 (= 10th cycle of Year letters)
Maybe maker’s mark »A3« or »AD«?

Let’s wait only a little while until the experts for Scandinavian objects getting notice of this; because you’ve placed your question totally wrong under »American after 1860«.

An advice of me: Take a little time before you place your quest — and make some search before e.g. in:

Kind regards silverport

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Postby JAKJO » Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:50 am


As Silverport mentioned the three crowns in a trefoil (the cat's paw) is missing. This made me a bit suspicious. I searched SWEDAC:s registered maker's marks, with no success.

I then put the question at the Swedish forum Antikprat, where our esteemed contributor had a look and checked SWEDAC. Les, one of the most learned and experienced contributors of the forum wrote, what seems plausible, that the spoon made in 1979, was the work of a skilled hobby silversmith at a course held in the Stockholm region.
The maker's mark (perhaps the initials AÖ) does not meet the standard of Swedish maker's marks. The standard used is the initials or the full surname in a square frame.

Hope this helps,

Best regards/JAKJO

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