Silver Lockdown Reading - National Emergency Library

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Silver Lockdown Reading - National Emergency Library

Postby GregHodgson1 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:18 am

Dear all. Strange times. The National Emergency Library has just given free access to its 1.4 million books - regardless where you live in the world. I have just tried it out and you just need to sign in with an email and you can have access to all books to borrow for 14 days. I picked out an obscure book on Early American Silver - it even allows me to download as a PDF! The search engine for it seems very good but you do have to sort through.
I typed Silver and it came with all types of books but you can then refine that to +spoon or British etc. Recommend you do this on a PC/Laptop. Tried on my ipad but fiddly. The web address is or you can google "National Emergency Library". I believe it is going to be open and accessible until 30 June.

Good hunting - good reading.

Regards. Greg.

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