James and William Howden of Edinburgh

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James and William Howden of Edinburgh

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The following is a timeline using the listings in the Edinburgh Post Directory of the businesses of James and William Howden. In between post directory listings are other sources of information found to explain a change that follows in the next Directory. Any gaps in dates means no changes have occurred in the intermediate directories. I have listed any years which show a change in the name of the company, business address or House. Also included where relevant, underneath a change are photo's of the marks used by the various Firms showing the numerous silversmiths retailed by Howden Firms.

1808 – Howden J. Watchmaker, Hunters Square
"James Howden, 3 Hunter Square, Edinburgh, in
returning his warmest thanks to the numerous class of
friends and customers who have so steadily patronised
him in business for a long series of years, begs leave to
intimate to them and the public that he retired from
business in December last (1808), and that the shop
occupied by him since that time has been possessed by
his sons James and William Howden, the former as
watchmaker, the latter as jeweller "and silversmith.
They have been bred to their several professions under
the first masters in London, and being fully confident
of their strictest attention and assiduity he presumes to solicit on their behalf a continuation of that patronage
with which he has so liberally been favoured."
Caledonian Mercury – Monday 27th March 1809.

Newspaper announcement showing James and William Howden Taking over their fathers business.
1809 – Howden, J and W, Watchmakers and Jewellers, 3 Hunters Square
"James Howden, Watchmaker, and William Howden,
Jeweller and Silversmith, respectfully beg leave to
announce that their stock of watches and jewellery, etc.,
is complete, and will be found at all times various and
extensive and of the best quality. They hope by an
unremitting superintendence to every particular of their
concerns to merit a share of the public favour."
Edinburgh Evening Courant, 22nd April 1809.

1815 – Howden J.W. and Co. Watchmakers and jewellers, 9 South Bridge (House - 5. Buccleuch Place)
"J. and W. Howden & Co. beg leave to intimate
their removal from Hunter Square to No. 9 South
Bridge, nearly opposite their former shop, which they
have this day opened with a new and elegant stock of
goods in watches, jewellery, and silver plate, and where
they solicit the inspection and patronage of their friends
and the public. " N.B. The watchmaking part of the business will
be conducted as formerly, part of the premises having
been fitted up for the accommodation of the workmen."
Ibid., 23rd July 1814.


James & William Howden, Alexander Henderson, 1817


James & William Howden, William Henderson, 1817 (from the same set of Dessert Spoons)
The JWH and AH/WH relationship was long lasting, I have examples of AH and JWH from 1813 until 1822 corresponding with William Howden's death.


James & William Howden, WH, 1821

1823 – Howden, J.W. and Co. Watchmakers and Jewellers, 9 South Bridge (House - 5. Minto Street, Newington)
William Howden Died 19th March 1824

‘At No.5 Buccleuch Place, Mr Wm. Howden, Jeweller in Edinburgh.’
The Edinburgh Magazine and Literary Miscellany, Volume 93.

"James Howden, surviving partner of the late firm
of J. & W. Howden, takes the liberty of informing his
friends and the public that he has now removed from
9 South Bridge to that large and elegant shop, No.
56 New Buildings, North Bridge Street, where he
continues to carry on the business as formerly in all
its branches.
J.H. having at this time made extensive additions by many new and fashionable articles in WATCHES, JEWELLERY, SILVERPLATE &C,&C,&C, would respectfully solicit the attention to his present stock.
J. H. has also the opportunity by the
extent of his premises, and it will be found by the
arrangements which he has made that the watch
making and watch repairing department of the business
will be so conducted as to render this one of the best
establishments in town. J. H. begs to return his most
sincere thanks for the patronage he has hitherto enjoyed,
and trusts that the same support will be continued
to him which was experienced by the late copartnery."
Caledonian Mercury – Monday 5th July 1824.

1824 – Howden, J. Watchmaker and Jewellers, 56 North Bridge (House - 25 Windsor Street)


James Howden, Andrew Wilkie, 1825-1826

1828 – Howden, James and Co. Watchmakers and Jewellers, 56 North Bridge (House - 25 Windsor Street)
James Howden and William Brown Go into partnership forming James Howden & Co.
"James Howden, Jeweller and Watchmaker, 56
New Buildings, North Bridge Street, begs respectfully
to intimate to his friends and the public that he has
assumed as partner Mr William Brown, who has for
several years been his assistant in the business, which
will in future be carried on under the firm of James
Howden & Company. In announcing this arrangement,
James Howden would at the same time acknowledge
most gratefully the liberal patronage with which he has
hitherto been honoured, and humbly solicits a con-
tinuance of it under the new firm."
Caledonian Mercury - Saturday 5th January 1828.


James Howden & Co. , Andrew Wilkie, 1828


James Howden & Co. , Adam Elder, 1829-1830


James Howden & Co. , Elder & Co. , 1833-1834

1835 – Howden, James & Co, Jewellers – 56 North Bridge (House - 25 Windsor Street)
1836 – Howden, Jas and Co. Goldsmiths and Watchmakers – 56 North Bridge (House - 25 Windsor Street) (After this date reverts back to Jewellers and Watchmakers)


James Howden & Co. , 1843-1844

1848 – Howden, Jas. and Co. Jewellers and Watchmakers – 56 North Bridge (House 12 Teviot Row)
James Howden goes into Partnership with Son Andrew Howden.
Entry No.30, Book of Registrations Volume 1, 1847 – 1902, 3 punches registered under ‘James Howden and Sons.’ On 15/07/1848. Source : Incorporation of Goldsmiths Website.

1849 – Howden, Jas and Son – 56 North Bridge (House – No.11 Annandalest)
1852 – Howden, Jas and Son, Jewellers & Watchmakers – 56 North Bridge (2 Mansfield Place)
1858 – Howden, Jas and Son, Jewellers & Watchmakers – 56 North Bridge (No.19 Nelson Street)
“JAMES HOWDEN & SON. Watchmaker, Jewellers and Goldsmiths, respectfully announce their intentions of removing at Whitsunday to 37 Princes Street.
With reference to the above
James Howden and Son beg to intimate that to enable them to clear out their present stock and to open their new premises with an entirely new selection, they are now selling all their goods at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES; an as these are all of the best quality, the newest and most fashionable designs, they are worthy of the attention of their friends and the public.
56 North Bridge Street, Edinburgh.”
Caledonian Mercury – Thursday 14th April 1859.


James Howden & Son, 1858-1859

1859 – Howden, Jas and Son, Jewellers & Watchmakers – 37 Princess Street (No.19 Nelson Street)
[/b]“The other shops under the hotel – occupied by Mr Sommerville, hosier, and Mr Howden, Jeweller, have not been interfered with. At the expiry of Mr Howden’s lease, which takes place next year, Mr Middlemas is to convert his shop into a coffee room in connection with the hotel.”
Caledonian Mercury – Tuesday 17th June 1862.

[b]1863 – Howden, Jas and Son, Clock & Watchmakers, Jewellers, gold and Silversmiths, 52 Princess Street.

By 1864 Gone.
(Both James and Andrew emigrated to Australia to join James' son and Andrew's brother, William Balleny Howden who emigrated in April 1839 .)

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Re: James and William Howden of Edinburgh

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Hi Rhodri,

Great research! Many thanks for sharing these details with us.

James Howden & Son - Edinburgh - 1859


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