Soutter’s Patent Chauffé Stand - T. Wilkinson & Sons

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Soutter’s Patent Chauffé Stand - T. Wilkinson & Sons

Postby dognose » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:59 am



Messrs. T. Wilkinson & Sons, electro-plate manufacturers of the Pelican Works, Great Hampton Street, Birmingham, have secured the sole right of manufacture in electro-plate of Chauffé stands (Soutter’s patent). (Fig. 8.) These highly ornate stands are designed for the purpose of keeping warm dishes containing vegetables during meal time, also chops and steaks. The apparatus may be placed on the table or sideboard, and is a capital means of keeping the dishes hot. To each stand is affixed a small spirit lamp which heats the water distributed by tubes to the different parts of the stand where heat is required. The design is exceedingly ingenious and effective, and there is a considerable demand for hotels and high-class families. A breakfast combination in Chauffé stands, constructed on the same idea, is also brought out by Messrs. Wilkinson, and a sideboard chauffé is also produced for keeping plates and dishes warm and ready for instant use as required. These goods, though only just introduced, have met with remarkable success, and are being indented for the Colonial markets.

Source: The British Trade Journal - 1st June 1901


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