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Danish West-Indian Islands Silversmiths and Goldsmiths

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:54 am
by bstaunto
Taken from:
A list of
The names of INHABITANTS
The Danish West Indian Islands (The VIRGIN ISLANDS)
from 1650 — ca. 1825

from the sources in The Royal Danish State Archive

Bentzon P, a silver-smith is the father to Victoria Augusta bapt. 22.2.1838 St. Cr., the mother is Rachel, born Motta

Brøndlund Joh. Jacob, a silversmith in Copenhagen appeared in skiftepro. no. 37 24.8.1777

Coulougnac Roch. born Paris silversmith.citizen 1.8.1787

Brulow Jesper, a soldier and goldsmith living in Christiansted (Royal)

Busche Balthazar Caspar, bapt. 18.10.1702, St. Th., dead 4.1.1706
see: Bosche a goldsmith (St. Th., census 1708/9)

Fyhn Hans citizen 27.7.1804 born Copenhagen goldsmith.

Griis N. a goldsmith died 16.12.1785 St. Cr.

Guyot Jean a goldsmith by Urich Christiansted 14.8.1794 (Told)

Svend Gummy a goldsmith drowned St. Cr. Skiftepro. 1774 page 95 No 52 5.9.1775 his sister in Denmark

Holst Svend a goldsmith his son:Peter Severin bapt 24.8.1806 St. Cr.

Holst Chr.Fr. a goldsmith marr. Susanne Leamar (Duitch church) 11.6.1805 St. Cr. St. Cr. danish Church.

Høyriis M. census 1857 St. Th born Curacao (62) a goldsmith

Igum Dines N. born Copenhagen 1783 goldsmith soldier 1805 (Stambog)

Juhl Peter Tønnis James, major sergeant born Rhein a goldsmith (21) 1814 a soldier (Stambog)

Klips Joh.Anthon soldier born Brunswig died (goldsmith) 6.5.1803 St. Cr.

Kruglein G.Heinr. a goldsmith from Lübeck died (35) 20.8.1787 St. Cr.

Leamar Susanne (dutch church) marr. Chr. F. Holst (goldsmith) 11.6.1805 St. Cr.

Monrad Erik a goldsmith mentioned St. Cr. Skiftepro. No 23 1778-85 page 4 and died (50) 19.9.1783 St. Cr.

Montmirels Tirel de born France citizen 19.6.1773 goldsmith

Trescheres Jon a goldsmith marr Barbara a daugther: Lea bapt St. Cr. 1746/42 and Benjamin 1747/45

Urich Rudolph his wife died Christiansted 25.11.1789 (Royal)
Rudolph died 26.12.1789
Joh.Jacob a goldsmith maer widow Elisabeth Kamp 5.4.1808 St.
Cr. she was bapt 14.10.1810 and their:
Gottlieb Rudolph bapt (2+3 years old) same date
Joh.Jacob born i Canton Bern Schweitz Killed himself (59) 15.6.1820 St. Cr.

Urchin Wm. R. census St. Cr. 1841 born St. Cr. 1813 goldsmith Frederiksted.

Wesenberg Maren Madame died (34) 12.12.1789 St. Cr.
Fr. Chr. goldsmith marr 2) Madame Dorothea Borner 1.10.1789 St.
Cr. children:
Dorothea 19.9.1792
Frederika Elisabeth bapt 18.9.1791

Widberg N.F. a goldsmith born Sweden died 4.10.1800 St. Cr. marr Ann Lytton Venton 1798 (Personal hist. Tidsskrift 10 RK 6 Bd 257)

Witt Jacobi de goldsmith (St. Th Landliste 1692/3 ) his son: Abraham bapt 19.6.1699 St. Th died 22.7.1700 St. Th

Aitken a watchmaker, marr. t. A. R. Rogiers (reconciled 20.7.1820) their daughter Elizabeth Rodden bapt. 30.7.1820 St. C.

Kothe Joh. Caspar a watchman marr. Josuna von Wondergem 29.1.1750 St. Th

Owen W. a pianoforte teacher and watchmaker 21.5.1815 (Reg.Avis)

Re: Danish West-Indian Islands Silversmiths and Goldsmiths

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 10:56 am
by bstaunto
Here is an example of one of the makers, M.Hoyris, in the MET:

Re: Danish West-Indian Islands Silversmiths and Goldsmiths

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:12 am
by dognose
Hi Ben,

This is great information. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Re: Danish West-Indian Islands Silversmiths and Goldsmiths

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 5:19 am
by dognose
Further details of the West Indian trade can be found at:

The West Indian Trade - Information and Advertisements