Sterling Silver Tarnish Question

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Sterling Silver Tarnish Question

Postby Fentrar » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:00 am

Ok, here's a couple questions for you sterling silver experts. I did a show this weekend (it went ok, but not great, thanks for asking ), and I had the following questions:
1. Can I use liquid tarnish remover to treat all of my jewelry in advance of a show? Is it safe for beads, crimps, softflex, garnets etc so long as it is removed promptly and then rinsed and dried? Or maybe it is easier to say when it is not safe to use.
2. Is there something wacky about me, my sweat, my ph, etc that would make sterling silver oxidize rapidly in hot summer weather? The two necklaces - both sterling silver; each from different, reputable suppliers; of different constructions (one snake, one curb chain) both turned significantly blackish around where it was resting on my neck (one day with sunscreen, one day without, different hair products each day, perfume one day - none the other.

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Re: Sterling Silver Tarnish Question

Postby AG2012 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:34 am

1.Take care with corals, mother of pearl, and pearls. Do not immerse them into any chemical, use soap and warm water or damp microfiber cloth.
2. It`s not only silver oxide but multiple chemical compounds depending on air pollution, skin acidity etc.Silver tarnish even if pure fine 999.9,
.585 gold also due to copper in the alloy.
Just use any commercial cleaner having in mind what`s suggested above to take care of.


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