Unkown hallmark

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Unkown hallmark

Postby dmantic » Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:04 pm

We are looking for some clues who might be the maker of the 3-piece tea coffee 900 silver set that looks like Tiffani octagonal set and has letter "R" engraved on the front like R. Wallace silverware but it has asian looking hallmark as shown on enclosed picture.

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Re: Unkown hallmark

Postby silverport » Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:39 am

» Which was first: The “hen” or the “egg”? «

Hello »dmantic«

Welcome to the Forum.

So as you describe yours tea set, it seems to me, that it is made in one of the in Chinas past usual styles, which “construction” was influenced by geometry.

It would be nice, and very helpful too, if you could add a photo of the set?

As you know, »Tiffany« (founded in 1837) was also an Importer, who influenced stylistic details of the ordered products; it doesn’t matter where they were made, in past China or elsewhere. Maybe he, as also »R. Wallace« cooperated in the beginning of their Far East imports with the »East Indian Company«, an international active Importer and trader of Chinese products of that time, who also influenced stylistic details of the by them ordered production in past China.

You mention in yours brief description an engraved »R« (in gothic style?), similar to an »R« of »R. Wallace«, founded in 1871.

Maybe yours tea set is in reality made in a Chinese workshop — maybe in the same as “Tiffany’s”? » Which was first: The “hen” or the “egg”? « “Tiffany’s” or yours — or is yours an in China made »R. Wallace - “Tiffany”« ?

Here you could see some examples of the Chinese export marks:


Well I’ve already roughly looked trough this register — and haven’t seen an absolutely equal one there.

Make an appointment with a Museum of Far East Ethnography — maybe they’ve a specialist, who could read and interpret the marks?

Please let’s know the result — in advance I thank you there fore!

Kind regards silverport

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