Bracelet w/Symbols WW2? Silver & metal

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Bracelet w/Symbols WW2? Silver & metal

Postby fashion.fashoff » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:58 am

This bracelet is made out of some kind of white metal, seemingly a steel or aluminum alloy. It reminds me of WW2 era pieces that were made from airplane fuselage parts but I am not sure.

It is decorated on the front with 4 applied symbols in silver, brass, and copper, and a synthetic red stone in a silver setting. The applications are riveted to the metal base. The symbols are a pyramid, a cross of Lorraine, a money sack, and an eye. The symbols appear to be commercial stampings, while the bracelet itself seems handmade, slightly crudely.

I have had one other similar bracelet.

Does anybody know anything about this type of work? I thought it might be "trench art" or POW type stuff, possibly from the Middle East, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts appreciated!

The bracelet is not signed or marked in any way.


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