YS&Co A1 Pie Server

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YS&Co A1 Pie Server

Postby abricru » Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:48 am

I have searched and can find very little information about the stamp on the back of this pie server - "YS&Co A1"

A couple of listings for silver plate spoons on eBay associated the stamp with Wm. Rogers, but I haven't found anything linking the two.

One website had it listed as Canadian. I found a photo of a pie server just like it, except with different birds, at a website called "Historic New England."
That site doesn't have any information about the company except "Location of Origin: USA." 1850-1900.

Just curious to see if anyone else has run across this maker. Is it Canadian or American? I'm wondering how it ended up way down south in Georgia :)

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