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Mark on knife rest - any ideas welcome

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 4:09 pm
by Markus12
So, I have these knife rests, e.g.:


On one end of the base there is "12" stamped:


Scouring the internet led me to believe that this most likely means these knife rests are 750/1000 silver from Germany.

However, the hallmark is almost illegible:


I am not even sure I look at it from the right angle.


To me it looks like an "O" or "0" at the left and a "R" or "P" on the right side, with two blobs inbetween.

The upper one of the blobs might be a shield or head and the lower one a crown. Maybe. I might be on the completely wrong track here. The photos are not perfect, but the marks are not much better in original.

I looked at a lot of hallmarks today, but could not find a match. Any ideas?