SDJ Makers Mark (9ct Gold Birmingham Diamond Ring)

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SDJ Makers Mark (9ct Gold Birmingham Diamond Ring)

Postby LucieP » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:33 pm


I have recently been given the family jewellery and I was wanting to do some research into 2 of the rings (I have posted in two separate posts).

I have done some research and I believe that the following is accurate:
- Makers mark is SDJ
- International Convention Stamp is 375
- Fineness Mark is 375 (9ct)
- The Assay Office Stamp is an Anchor for Birmingham
- The DIA stamp indicates the stones to be real diamond (however surprised as one is chipped)

However I can not find any info on the makers mark 'SDJ' if anyone knows anything it'd be amazing to know.


Thank you!


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